The entire offensive staff

minus Morris will do an in-home with A’Montae Spivey and the family on Monday.

The HC only gets one visit so Morris will come later.

Good I hope they can talk him into not going to ole Miss.

Agree…hope they can keep him from making that trip!

He’s our only running back in this class. I’m not sure of T.J. Hammonds status, but if he comes back, he & Whaley will both be seniors. Hayden & Boyd are both going to be juniors I believe. We do need a younger back to fill the pipeline, but I doubt Spivey would see much field time other than the minimum allowed to keep his redshirt. It’s the pipeline that is important, and keeping commitments. At the time he committed, I thought he was a hard commit. Maybe his stock has risen and he is interested in testing the waters to see if he can get earlier playing time.

Mark Smith is in El Paso today looking at some of the underclassmen.

They’re out for dinner now.