The elephant in the OL room

Last year we had a Center who struggled mightily with the shotgun snap. Doesn’t matter how good your QB is, that will destroy an Offense’s timing. Didn’t see any mention of that in today’s report on the O-Line. Sure hope they get that corrected.

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Maybe I’m wrong but I thought Clary got better about midseason on snapping.

Yep. Once he changed his grip on the ball, he improved.

Might of been that but I know they change his technique.

That’s what I meant by changing his grip. They had him start coneing the ball(idk what the actual term for that technique is).

They must get better at all aspects in the O line. Center is one area that must improve. The snap wasn’t an issue in the second half of the season. Blocking at center was.

I thought Clary got overwhelmed by nose guards and DTs, a lot. He just was not big and strong enough to hold up, and basically had to play almost perfect technique just to have a chance. The center position needs to be a lot more physical this year, regardless of who starts.

Dang, the symbolism here is striking. I do wish there were a couple of elephants in the O-line room. I’d bet they could block in the running game. The Arkansas O-linemen need that kind of size.

Maybe in the old system Clay. I don’t think the pachyderms have the feet to play in this alleged full tilt, hammer down, left lane Offense.