The edge

One of my favorite movies of all time. Seen it at least 10 times. I like lunney. He should be given consideration

“what one man can do, another can do!!!” I use that quote all the time.

He’s doing a very nice job in this presser. He cares. Truly. I sure hope he does well the next few weeks. I’d love for Hunter to hire him if he’s determined to be the best guy. I wouldn’t count him out.

He does have a calm, steady, confident presence and a sense of humor.

I try to not be publically negative about any person, and I don’t think you would find anything negative I ever said about CCM, but I was really turned off by the first video I saw of him talking to the players about sitting up straight, etc. I’ve had a couple of employers who had short man syndrome and it never worked out.

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The Edge is a great movie. Sir Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin are great in that.

“The Rabbit is not afraid of the Bear because he knows he is smarter than the Bear” or something to that effect.

Elle McPherson was incredible. What a beauty.