The Dustin Fry experiment has run its course

I thought the Lack of penalties was huge for the OL. especially for a first game. The point of attack seemed to be much improved. still a long way to go, but considering where we were, this was a fairly good showing IMO

While the line wasn’t great, they did show improvement vs. last years game. The more they play as a unit the better they will get, but there will still be some painful times this season. I think year three you’ll see marked improvement.

So far this year we only have one offensive lineman committed. Granted, he’s a really good one, but we need several more quality players this year and every year. We seem to have no problem attracting top-level receivers, why can’t we seem to pull in the same numbers and quality of offensive linemen? Will we be bringing in JC linemen again?

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In terms of firing coaches message board posters are indeed quick and too often administrators are too slow to do what Ray Charles could see needs to be done.

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You have Luke Jones sitting out. They’ll take one more. Maybe two if allowed.

The same reason the top 2 OL went out of state, Eurohog… They want to go to the NFL. Morris does not do anything offensively that translates to the NFL, other than WR. That’s why they get 85 WR’s and more coming in.

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One of the things Mark Richt said at the LRTD club yesterday was that O-linemen are rarely very good until their 3rd or 4th years. Our O-line wasn’t great, but it was much better than last year. If it stays healthy, we can win more games than last year.

PS has a very good defense. Their offense not so much. Hard for a RB when he is running against a 9 man front. The
Passingi game needs to pick it up this week. GHG

Gonna see the same thing this weekend, so they better be ready for it.

I am still trying to figure out the “left lane hammer down RPO” so I surely am not an Ol expert but I do believe that that position must be the most difficult to learn in HS and do the physical stuff to go with it. I live in Franklin TN and am forced to see the Vandy and Big Orange world and they both have the same concerns as we do, the OL. I just think that takes a very unique kid to play these positions at a SEC level, especially since the Tide takes the cream off of the top. Just ain’t enough of these special young men to go around, it is easy to blame the coach and I do that at times as well.