The Drinkwitz File


Who knows? :grinning:

LMAO…well we know he doesn’t like or want Drinkwitz. I’d be good w the hire. May be the Diamond in the Rough, undercover sleeper we need.

No matter who it is, its a crap shoot…we are going to need the moon and stars to align, divine intervention, plus more for us to get our mojo back.

Really tired of the Drinkwitz discussion. IMO it would be a mistake – reminds me of another situation from the early 2000s; Stan Heath. One year of head coaching experience - ONE! Drinkwitz may ultimately turn out to be a great coach, but what an incredible gamble we would be taking. As the old saying goes, those that do not learn from history are bound to repeat it!

Comparing every coach who has one year of experience to Stan Heath gets tiring. Frank Broyles had one year of head coaching experience before he came to Arkansas, too, but we never hear that comparison.


Broyles was 34 in 1958 when hired at UofA & was national champion 5 yrs. later. He had a 19 year run as HC & with UofA usually being in the national spotlight. Football was a different game during the 60s & 70s. These day NCAA football coaches average only 3.8 yrs at any one school.

I just figured it out. Londonhog works for Sexton and is pissed that Clay is working against his negotiating strategy. Makes total sense now. I feel better now. I was getting really worried we were really about to hire a coach with one year experience to rebuild our program.

Back to Kiffin leaked out to media on Saturday afternoon, confirmation Sunday, and presser Monday at 3:00.

I don’t know the answer to that, honestly. Clay and Matt know, I don’t. I can’t see names.

Don’t know which name sounds more bogus: Eliah Drinkwitz or Joey Freshwater:):):joy::joy:

Not sure Eliah Drinkwitz would appreciate being referred to as “ED”.

If he takes this job, he’ll be called much worse things as soon as he loses a game. Or they don’t like his call on third and 5.

The lack of comparison to Broyles may be due to the fact he began his coaching career at
the UofA over 60 years ago. It appears that is not a critical point for you… for me, it’s huge.
The game (and managing all stakeholder expectations) is simply very different today. Asking
a person with very little head coaching experience to battle SEC west teams week in and out
is not a good move.
I appreciate your point, but it doesn’t change my opinion and I really don’t care to debate it.

Lincoln Riley and Bob Stoops managed well at OU … one 33 and the other 37 when hired with no HC experience. The latter inherited a complete rebuild. James Franklin was in his late 30s when he got the Vandy job with no HC experience.

That said, they may be the exception rather than the rule.

If you want to modernize it, there are plenty of coaches who have fairly recent success in the SEC who had never been head coaches previously - Phil Fulmer, Mark Richt, Kirby Smart, Dan Mullen, Tommy Tuberville, James Franklin. Hugh Freeze and Gus Malzahn each had one year of head coaching experience at the Division I level, both at Arkansas State.

I’m sure there are just as many examples the other way, like Ed Orgeron at Ole Miss or Will Muschamp at Florida. But my thought is that having X-amount of previous head coaching experience boxes in an AD too often in coaching searches and eliminates otherwise great candidates.

And don’t mistake this for some campaign to hire Drinkwitz. I just disagree with this philosophy of having to hire a tenured head coach, and of comparing every one-year coach to Stan Heath based on that fact alone.


Great post

I am liking the idea of this guy more each day. Could end up being the best hire of the bunch.

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