The draft is sobering...

It really brings to light the lack of talent at Arkansas.

I really liked Coach B, but he simply didn’t get it done in recruiting, which is why we have a new coach.

I expect the draft results will improve over the next few years. If they don’t, well…we already know what that means.

wow, that was a lot more than I expected.

I’ll have to dig in and see what it is year over year. I may be overly dramatic about it.

You’re just now seeing the players Bielema and his staff recruited be in a position to be drafted. Frank Ragnow was in Bielema’s second signing class and was a first rounder. Hunter Henry and Alex Collins were in his first class and drafted as juniors. Jeremiah Ledbetter, Martrell Spaight and A.J. Derby were all JUCO players signed by Bielema who have all been drafted and caught on with NFL teams.

I think you’ll see some of his other recruits like Hjalte Froholdt, McTelvin Agim and maybe Scoota Harris be high draft picks in coming years. Maybe some of the other players, too.

There was NFL talent on Bielema’s teams, just not enough depth to overcome the inevitable injuries.

The Petrino and Nutt teams did not have great depth either but neither had teams win only one SEC game much less zero.

11-29 in the last five years is Vandy like. How many draft picks did they have?

Valid point. The number of draft picks didn’t translate into wins.

I decided to look it up. Since 2010 Vanderbilt has had 12 draft picks as compared to 30 at Arkansas. Counting last night’s pick of Ragnow Bielema coached teams produced 18 draft picks and Vanderbilt teams in the same time period produced 6. Arkansas was 11-29 in the SEC in these years and Vanderbilt was 10-30.


I suspect that is why Bret is no longer the HC of the Hogs. Let’s hope CCM can turn this around. I think this team has good talent. They need to learn how to win.

Just as sobering is the number of times in the first round that they said “former walkon.” Most of the time it’s all about the stars, but sometimes it’s not!

Depth is critical given you are playing the best in college week in and out. I like comments on playing freshmen if they are ready because if they are NFL ready you only have them for three years most likely. Got get recruits that can get on field sooner than past.

I know I am likely one of the few on this board, but I love Baker Mayfield as he reminds me of what I was like back in high school.

Played with passion. Loved to stir up stuff, etc.

Love his walk on shirt he had on for the draft

The thing about Baker is he is accurate. It’s the most important trait in a QB. Puts the ball where it needs to be every time. I really like him too. I am worried we don’t have any truly accurate QBs on the Hill right now.

Vandy playing in the ‘easy’ side of the SEC during that
time is a big factor in that stat.


To update your list, just in case anyone was curious, after 2018 draft (1st rounders in parenthesis):

  1. Bama - 73 (25)
  2. LSU - 57 (9)
  3. FL - 55 (12)
  4. tOSU - 53 (13)
  5. FSU - 51 (10)
  6. Clemson - 47 (6)
  7. OU - 47 (6)
  8. Miami - 47 (4)
  9. USCw - 45 (7)
  10. Georgia - 45 (8)
  11. Notre Dame - 37 (9)
  12. Stanford - 37 (6)
  13. UCLA - 36 (6)
  14. Iowa - 33 (4)
  15. Michigan - 32 (4)
  16. AR - 32 (1)

A school’s draft numbers can be deceiving when taken at face value surrounding the Top 20. The distance between the Arkansas talent and the Top five schools is far more glaring than the listed number. The vast majority of our numbers relate to players getting drafted in the third round and higher while teams like Bama and LSU have far more first and second round picks. A true relationship of talent would be which of those players are active on a team after the first year and not cut after a few weeks of summer camps. Draft numbers probably mean more when comparing the bottom half of the Top 20 to those schools that have very few drafted players like Arkansas and SMU.

I’ll point out a few things about that list:

The list RD retweeted was from a SBNation article after last year’s draft. It only listed the 16 schools with 30+ draftees. Those are the 16 I have listed.

There were several teams not on that list that had more players drafted this year than AR, I do not know how many had 27-29 draftees last year. They could have leap frogged us.

Also, that list has the number of first round picks, I’ll add them to the list in a sec.

A few schools of interest that are not on this list that have performed better than Arkansas and have beaten Arkansas regularly of late - Texas A& M, Auburn, and Mississippi State. How do they compare from a draft standpoint?

Don’t know

Edit: Found it:

AUB - 28 (4)
Miss St - 25 (2)
aTm - 27 (9)

This is a list of drafts by college from 1998-2017

Here is the 2018 by school list: … conference

Since 98, AR has had 66 players drafted, 7 first rounders, and at least one person drafted in every draft from 98-2018