The draft begins tomorrow

These are the Baseball America prospect rankings for current Razorbacks:

  1. Isaiah Campbell
  2. Matt Cronin
  3. Dominic Fletcher
  4. Jacob Kostyshock

Jason Hodges, an outfield signee, is ranked No. 235. Jackson Rutledge, who pitched at Arkansas last season, is expected to be a first-round pick is ranked 14th.

Among non-seniors, I think Jack Kenley and Cody Scroggins are likely to be drafted and sign. Kevin Kopps is eligible for the draft, but I would be surprised if he isn’t back next season with another year of leverage. I’m unsure what to make of Jordan McFarland.

It’s worth noting that Jacob Nesbit is eligible for the draft this year. He turns 21 today. I would be surprised if he is not back next year.

I’m looking into whether other signees might go pro. The feeling I’ve gotten lately is that Hodges is the most likely to sign professionally, but that most of the signees are pretty set on coming to college.

It would not surprise me to see Trevor Ezell taken pretty high in this year’s draft. Franchises like to sign seniors because they can do it for cheap and it frees up some cap space to put toward the more difficult signs. That’s how players like Carson Shaddy and Dominic Taccolini were top-10 round picks the past few years.

Do you think Hodges will sign?? What does #235 equate too as what round?? Do we have any position players coming in that can make an impact?? What about the TCU transfer from last year what kind of player is he??

The 235th pick is in the eighth round. I’m unsure of what Hodges is thinking. The key with all these players is their asking price. And the BA rankings are good, but they are not the end all. Casey Martin and Heston Kjerstad were ranked in the 300s and 400s coming out of high school.

If Hodges comes to school, he can be an impact player next season. I think Jesse Pierce in the infield and Cason Tollett at catcher are going to be impact players in time, but they will probably be understudies next year.

Chet Allison is a JUCO outfielder from California who recently committed to Arkansas. Perhaps he fits in somewhere.

I think Boulware has a good chance to be a starter somewhere in the infield next season. He started 54 games at second base last year for TCU.

well unless the family is real need of help I would think he would be much better coming to college and competing against the nations best. I can’t imagine 8th round money being that great.
Yes Allison is the guy I was going to ask you about he put up incredible # this yr hit .439 10 Hrs 17 2b and 6 3B and is a big guy 6’2 220.

Something to consider about the seniors who have signed with Arkansas is that the closer they get to their playing career beginning, the more in focus their role on the team becomes. Sometimes a player realizes he might have a tough time cracking the lineup but is good enough to be drafted, so he’ll set his number a little lower for a franchise that has shown interest, get drafted higher than anyone projected, collect a six-figure check plus a promise from his franchise to pay for college when his minor league career ends, and forgo playing college baseball.

yeah thats true if his position is going to be locked up for a yr or 2 I guess I could see it.

8th round money was between $182k and $155K last year. 1-64 got 7 figures, 65-111 (low 2nd through high 4th) got between $500k and a million.

Ok thanks Goshen…I think he could make a lot more if he came and developed as most do but I don’t know his family situation so I guess we will see.

Unless a kid really needs money, those later rounds don’t pay that much. $500k is a lot, but not huge. If 5th round & up pay less, I think I’d much rather go to college to develop.

You have to hope that these kids have had a good financial education. The minor leagues pay less than minimum wage, so they have to make that signing bonus last.