The Draft and Scouts

Reading the “extra points” section in one of the articles today, I saw the part about scouts being in attendance, which raised the question for me: Who are our top 5 draft able players and in what order?

  1. Ramirez
  2. Greenlaw
  3. Agim
  4. Ramsey
  5. Froholdt

I’m just guessing, but curious what others think.

is Harris a junior? Seems to be a potential NFL linebacker

Froholdt will be the main guy that brings scouts to campus. Others may catch a scouts eye: Scoota Harris, Sosa Agim, Dre Greenlaw, Ryan Pulley, Devwah Whaley, Jeremy Patton would be others who I would think may be getting looked at by scouts.

Harris (next year will be higher)

Ramirez- although even after an off season with Chavis and Cooper, he’s still trying to hit people and not tackle. I have determined he will never figure that out, still don’t think he’s got the speed for safety either in the NFL/SEC, definitely looks the part, and has potential to be good enough, if he’d learn how to tackle.