The difference between winning and losing

can be so thin.

Our desperation “last-second” 3 banks in against GT.

NKU’s uncontested “last-second” 3 rims out.

Could easily be 5 & 2 instead of 7 & 0.

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Thurman misses and no NC. There can’t be the last play without all the other plays that lead up to the last play. Every shot is equally important.

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Concur 100%.

Was simply thinking we have been strangely fortuitous at the END of our last two games…

After watching the last 25 years of basketball it about time we have a little US Reed type luck in our favor!

That’s the darned truth.

But I do see the streak ending soon. Don’t see us beating WKU. And if Joe doesn’t come out of his slump, then it’s more losses.

I do like all I have seen from Muss and the team and the effort. It’s just the lack of height, the lack of depth, and the dependence on the 3 all ganging up on us as the opponents get better and bigger.

Against Northern Kentucky, we weren’t in the shooters face like before. And we got beat and out hustled to rebounds and loose balls. So, lack of height and maybe tired legs there.

See, I see this just the opposite. We’ve played our worst basketball the last two games and needed a little luck to win. I don’t think we will need it the next few games.

Look at the box score. We don’t do bad on the boards. The 3 point line hurt because we were missing Jones! Cyllia and Harris don’t play defense like Jones. Jones does have a few mental lapses but he is much better than they are. It was a good test without him in that game.
WKY will be a battle but if we would have taken care of the ball and made our free throws last year against them and many other opponents we would have won. This is a better team than last year even without Big Dan! Simply because of the small sample of defense and free throw shooting. The lack of a big man is where we are hurting and another player that can create and make the 3.

Biggest part of our luck is that both Georgia Tech and Northern Kentucky played without their starting PG. I think it did hurt GT, because the backup did not play as well. I thought Norse backup PG played quite well.

Hope something happens for WKU and Indiana PGs to miss our game.

Sometimes a little humble pie is a good thing! Maybe they will start setting better screens for Joe. Our opponents missing their PG did help the hogs!
The improved defense, to include their focus on rebounding as a team and the bast emphasis put on free throw shooting has paid off. If the hogs would have done these little things last year with Big Dan they would have won a lot more games and had the chance to make a deep run in the dance.
The recruiting class coming in may ignite hog ball again!

pj, I’ll certainly concede we were lucky we played GT without their starting PG, but not having Mason Jones yesterday was way more unlucky that NKU missing their starting PG.

Definitely agree that losing Mason Jones had a lot more impact on the game. No question about that.

US Reed also had tremendous bad luck in the waning seconds against Indiana State when he got tripped and walking was called instead of a foul, allowing Indiana State to get the last shot successfully and move on to the Final Four.

The NKU shot was not last second, there was 9 seconds left on the clock when he shot it. Now we could still have lost the game if he hit it, but we had an opportunity to go down and attempt our own shot. But I do get your point, there is good and bad luck in all sports and as Hog fans we usually get to moan about the bad most of the time.

Yes he sure did. I try to erase that from my memory bank. He is still an all time great Razorback.

I thought there were 14 seconds left when he missed the shot. Plenty of time for a shot, an offensive rebound and another shot.

man, that big man for WKU just killed us last year, I have no idea how we can defend that dude this year.

Why isn’t that dude playing professionally already?!


You could very well be right, I watched it on ESPN3 and couldn’t see a replay… I do know there was plenty of time to go down if they made the shot and get one of our own.

$tan$bury signed him to a 2 year contract