The Devo Slap

I love the way Devo can put an exclamation point on the end of a game! just sayn…


Well russ that was a huge play. Give Devo credit but (you know what but means–(forget everything up to this point LOL) it could have been a huge mistake. I was really excited and missed the slapping of the backboard. When I saw the replay I understood the call. We won so just a huge road victory. Again huge

The hogs just need to stop plays that you know will cause the T! This one is a little different than Toney’s last T! But the result is the same. Learn from it.
In a close game those plays get you beat. Was the T on Toney in the Bama game? What was the final score.

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I love Devo and his enthusiasm, but we can’t be giving away points and or posessions in a tight game. Save the celebrations for after the game. Never be an Elijah Moore.

Jimmy Counce and I were talking last night. Devo is the X factor for this team. When he is playing like that – and I’m fine with a little celebratory love pat to the backboard – this team is so tough to beat.


That’s the way to become a huge fan unfavorite on the road. :sunglasses: Canny. Get an NIL from Atkins sour pickles

Yeah I didn’t have a problem with it because I knew the game was out of hand.he was just excited and got caught up in the moment he said in the post game press conference afterwards that would definitely never happen again… I believe him

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