The departures

I still think there will be some departures from the roster. But it may be a few days before they are apparent. Here is the protocol for most as they depart, they will meet with Chad Morris. That has not happened yet because Morris has not been in the office much of any since last week. He was in the office briefly today. But hit the road soon after his media briefing.

Players have met one-on-one with their coordinator. They know where they fit in future plans. The next thing is for a meeting with Morris if they don’t understand or don’t like it.

For someone like Cole Kelley, he’s probably going to meet with the head coach before it would be announced.

How many will still leave? Not many. I keep hearing that it’s not as many as some have speculated, just a few more.

It seems a given that Cole will not play QB at Arkansas. Clay do you think there is a chance that he could take the AJ Derby path and convert to Tight End? If not, where does he go? Having already used a red shirt, he would have to transfer down not to lose a year of eligibility. I would love to see him stay and be a TE and situational QB.

I think he would be a fine TE. But is he capable of making it to the NFL? I don’t know. There are lots of places where he could still play QB if that’s what he desires, just not at the SEC or Power 5 level (without losing a season).

How can you sign 29 if 7/8(depending on Calloway) more don’t leave? They’ll have to be gone by summer, enough will have to leave to bring in the 10-12 at semester, correct?

I think Clay may be referring to some posters’ desire to run off people en masse, like 20 or more. That’s not going to happen. I think they’ll get their 7 or so though.

I sure hope someone’s on top of the “academic progress” for these kids that we might be suggesting to leave. We are already last in the SEC on the academics side in football. We can’t let “leaving en mass” cause us to start losing scholarships 3, 4 or 5 years down the line.

My recollection is that the summer time # is all that matters, you can go over but have to get back down in the summer, i could be wrong, but I don’t think it will have any impact on the early enrollees.

Cole Kelley has the size and is a good enough athlete to play a number of other positions. Since he is not an NFL QB, if he can play a lot at tight end or some other position, I believe that is what he should do.

He’s got a frame that could carry another 40 to 50 pounds. He might make a good OT. Maybe even an NFL career with it. I remember when HDN thought he had a good TE, who turned out to be an All-NFL OT, soon headed to the Hall of Fame. He would need to get started on his diet and weight training immediately though.

Are ya’ll kidding about Cole playing OT in the SEC?

You don’t know if he could play the position or not. He already is 6’7 260 lbs with some agility for a bigger guy, add 40 lbs and you have a nice sized OT. Lane Johnson was a junior college quarterback before going to Oklahoma and playing TE then OT. It is all about the strength training and diet program that he is put on. Quarterbacks weight training program is different than the OL.

The Departed was a pretty good movie.

Well, my post was a bit “tongue in cheek”, but because of Cole’s size and athleticism, I’d say it probably would be more likely to happen than the example I gave about Jason Peters. An average college TE, to an undrafted NFL free agent as a TE, to a 9 time pro-bowl LT to the NFL Hall of Fame before long.

Peters was a TE in name only, he was a 3rd OT. If I am not mistaken he came with the promise of being able to play TE. He was like 300 pounds while here but I do remember a few athletic catches.

He had the 2nd most receptions on the team his Jr year and caught 4 TDs. He was definitely used in the passing game. He also was a great blocker for the run game. He thought he was going to be drafted after his Jr. year, but went undrafted and ended up signing with Buffalo as a TE. He was signed to their practice squad after their last cut. The next year he emerged as an OT and the rest is history.