The delta variant

With all the new excitement concerning college sports, we are forgetting about covid. My 20 yr old daughter was positive for the delta variant last Friday. That put me in quarantine. She was asymptomic with the alpha version. She didn’t pass it to anyone that we know. With the delta variant, she had 4 hard days of fever with chest problems before getting better. She took ivermectin. By Sunday morning , I had it too. I had the vaccine. It didn’t stop it. I was sick with chest problems and coughing until my meds worked. I had ivermectin,famotidine,doxyclcline, and hydrochlotoquine. My original doc just gave me cough meds.
I heard some interesting info on the delta variant from the doctors offices. People are contagious 2 days before they have symptoms. Younger people get it unlike the alpha variant. Vaccines probably are not going to slow it. I am the second in my town to get it with the vaccine.
My thoughts turn to football. If the vaccines don’t matter , how are the coaches going to manage it? My other daughter at UC A said the football ball team is in quarantine / covid mess despite being mostly vacciniated.
Now I understand why the bipolar cdc is saying to wear a mask if you are vaccinated.

Well, I’m very sorry you got it and I hope you feel better and are OK. I still think vaccines do matter and that the vast, vast majority of folks that are vaccinated will not have severe cases. The CDC is only “bipolar” because the science is ever evolving. This is a tough, challenging disease. The CDC is doing what it can.

At this point, I think there would have to be a massive increase in hospitalizations and deaths in order for Razorback football not to be full capacity this season. That said, I do that hope things calm down substantially. Arkansas needs to get its Covid-19 act together as a state.


We need to keep in mind that this is a “novel’ virus. By definition that means the scientist did not know everything about it when this was discovered and continue to learn. I am glad the scientist are altering their opinion as they learn knew things and not double down on their original recommendation,

I am still amazed how quickly the vaccine was developed and how effective the vaccine is. 90 to 95% eficacy rate is better than the flu vaccine,

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Vaccine absolutely does still matter.

99% of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated


If people had vaccinated, that would have taken away the opportunity for this COVID virus to mutate into a more dangerous & contagious virus variant such that the current vaccines will not fully protect the public.

The only reason for the new CDC mask recommendation is that people did not vaccinate. The masks slow down the spread, both the initial COVID & the delta & other variants, that the unvaccinated have enabled.

Just hopeful the schools, universities, & businesses remain open this Fall & at full capacity. Many of us were looking forward to attending Fall football games.


The outrage and health-system-burden factor towards those not vaccinated will eventually hit a breaking point. Then, you may see government vaccine mandates, even perhaps from the federal government. It’ll probably take that — or at least a try, because someone will challenge its constitutionality — because red states like Arkansas, which need vaccine mandates the most, will never implement them. I just really hope Arkansas football has full capacity. Arkansas citizens and so-called leaders have put that in some jeopardy, however.


Exactly. If everyone eligible to get the vaccination got it, we wouldn’t be dealing with this delta variant. At least not nearly to the extent we are now. A few weeks ago I thought if someone doesn’t want the vaccine, it’s their risk & their business. Now I know it’s my risk & my business whether they get it. I still worry most about my 4 young grandchildren who can’t get a vaccination. School starts next week & there are adults at school who won’t get it. That poses a terrible dilemma for parents of children who are immunocompromised.

One of the ladies at my office got the vaccination despite her husband’s refusal to get one. She didn’t want to tell him she got the shot. (A religious belief about submission.) Well, he got terribly sick a couple of weeks ago—running 104 degrees temperature, etc. She tested positive but showed no symptoms. She just got out of quarantine. He’s better, but not completely well.

I wish people would quit thinking of their “rights” and start thinking of their responsibilities. The science just screams for people to get the vaccine. This time last year we were all praying for one to come on the scene. Our prayers were answered & now 67% of this state won’t get it. Mindboggling.


My office avoided any cases (no employee or even a spouse) the first time around. Now we have had our first case of an employee and one in the adult child of another employee. Both are antivaxers. We are up to 70% vax rate (and no, they don’t have to tell me if they got it or not, but it isn’t hard to figure out who is and who isn’t if you listen to people talk).

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I just don’t really understand why anybody would not get vaccinated. I am not a doctor or have any medical training, so I am just talking here, but why does anybody not get protection? Unless a person has been advised by his physician to not get the shot or shots, what possible reason is there not to get the vaccine?


You would not believe the reasons I am given by patients as to why they won’t get it.

But suffice it to say the people choosing not to vaccinate are not basing it on science, and they don’t want to hear the science I inform them of. They place more value on what they hear from friends or find on social media. And they refer to their “research”, which is laughable.

It is maddening


I feel your pain. Their research consists of reading some blog or post by a quack. They don’t read authoritative peer-reviewed medical articles or reports. They sure as hell don’t go into a lab & look in microscopes.

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Will we start to see more businesses not allowing people to come in without proof of vaccination?

It would be fine with me.


The decision whether to vaccinate against COVID is not a political or social media choice. It’s a health care precaution so as to not endanger oneself & others.

Most don’t take the virus seriously until after it is too late & in response to losing family or friend to the virus. I have lost both to COVID, & they would still be alive if a vaccine had been available.

Not my place to tell someone to vaccinate. However, hope those who don’t vaccinate stay home & isolate so the rest of us have the opportunity to be safe & return to a normal life.

I am thankful for the advanced stage of research that was directly involved with the vaccine’s eventual production and release. The breadth and depth of the sheer number of bright researchers that number in the thousands helped limit what could have been far more devastating here and abroad. I know there is a small population of folks who might need to pursue the many alternative means of limiting or even eliminating their coming down with the virus. I don’t have any idea what that percentage might be, but I doubt it hits 10%. So, in my mind thinking, caring people should get us to a 90% level of vaccination. I have zero faith in the mask as any serious preventative against this nasty virus. I have serious concerns over the politicization of this pandemic. I fear State Tyranny far more than I do this pandemic. I don’t wish to see a replay of the horror that was forced upon the citizenry of Russia in 1917 and lasted about seventy years and the hell that was forced upon the world from Fascism and Nazism that claimed in the neighborhood of eighty million deaths. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is all too much at play in the present narrative and I find it repugnant, deeply misguided and ultimately very dangerous. So I guess I will seek refuge from the bleak reality we face and look forward to, " BEAT TEXAS WEEK".


Where do you get your science from the government?

All of the finger pointing needs to stop. Everything is changing daily. If you have heard the news from the last day or two, then you will know that there is a lot that has changed that makes a lot of what has been said in this thread out-of-date already.

I am not going to elaborate, because I will be attacked by one side other other. BTW, I have been vaxed, but what is coming out now is not good news for anyone!

I will just say this… this virus is going to be with us for a long time… and no one is more to blame for it spreading than anyone else (unless you can prove it is a lab creation, which no one can right now, or you can prove someone is spreading it knowingly, which is darn near impossible.)

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I got my vaccine the day it was available in Jan. I hear all sorts of reasons not to and that is them. It sounds good to have the government mandate the vaccine, but I fear that far more than the virus and it probably would not pass constitutional muster. Politicians of both strips have bungled this and got peoples backs up. That is too bad. What does a virus have to do with politics? Heck our current President and Vice President plainly said that there is no way they would take a vaccine developed under the last president. Now they are preaching it. Just crazy, but I still think it should not be mandated. Now, they could say you cannot fly or cross borders without it. Individual businesses have the same rights. The Hogs can say you cannot attend an event without it, but I do not want the government saying you must. That is a step too far.


I hope so. I’d also like for it to start with the Arkansas Razorbacks’ Athletic Department. You want to watch Razorback basketball in person? Get a vaccination!


link please

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You mean the vaccine developed in Germany? What you are spewing is absolutely not true and part of problem.