The delay in announcing the new OC probably means

It’s contract buyout related. I would be shocked if the salary of a analyst is contributing to any delay in negotiating a deal, which leads me to believe it’s a $500,000.00 buyout before 2020 that may be the culprit (delay)

Who has a buyout? I though they might be having trouble getting Board approval.

Briles would owe FSU $500,000 if he were to leave his job for another position, unless it’s to become a head coach or join an NFL franchise.

He’s still technically a employee of FSU until Jan 1

They’re not going to enforce a buyout on a week of remaining contract. He’s already been replaced.

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I don’t think it is issue either but I’m not sure about signing him to a new contract while still technically under contract with another team.

Sam Pittman was under contract with Georgia and he wasn’t being replaced.

Just wondering if some kind of legal paperwork has to be done … probably not. Certainly makes no sense to hold back a guy that you have let go. Got to be something else.

Could be waiting on someone but only one on the list I have seen that is still coaching is the Cowboys tight end coach. Are there any potential OC’s still in bowl games? He mentioned bowl games for some coaching possibilities but I assume it was not an OC possibility.

As broke as FSU is I could see them wanting the 500k even though he has been replaced.

Well I like Briles so I would be happy if that is all that is holding up his hiring. All these so called candidates might not even be who they are really after but makes no sense to me to interview anyone who they had not already vetted as a serious candidate. We do know that Briles MA and Long were on campus … not sure who else has been interviewed.

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You guy’s do realize Kendell is coaching in the Sun Bowl tomorrow right. It’s not like he’s hasn’t been preparing the Noles for their last game.

Or it could be that Coach Pittman has not made a decision yet.

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I think CSP is still looking and interviewing.

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Did not realize Briles was still coaching but I would not think that would prevent an announcement since he is already known to be moving on.

This I 100% agree with!

We know that Briles and Applewhite were “reportedly” on campus and Long was “reportedly” interviewed.

I am not ready to say that with absolute certainty.

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The Sun Bowl is Dec 31st., and his contract buyout is through 2020.

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Interesting. Maybe FSU wants him to coach in the bowl game before releasing him. Question… he had a 3 year contract so does FSU owe him money ?

Also this was Pittman quote in one of R D ‘s articles where he was asked about filling the OC position.

“ However, we may be looking at some guys that are currently in a bowl situation, and so we may have to wait until their games are completed to hire them.”

He also mentioned first of next week which would mean bowl games this week. Who else are they looking at in bowl games?

Found his contract and the following is a heading in the article:

If FSU fires Briles without cause, Briles gets roughly 85% of his remaining pay

Now that contact language is very complicated stuff but it appears to me that Briles is owed a little more than 85 percent of his remaining two years on his contract.

I could not find any stipulation about off setting amount owed based on new employment. FSU May very well owe him approximately 2 m.

That would be worth negotiating ploys.

I keep going back to what Coach Pittman said on the radio Monday - he hoped to have the OC in place by this weekend.

Of course, I guess he didn’t say announced.

Correction… Briles has that typical clause about required to pursue employment and if hired amount owed will be off set dollar for dollar. He is going to make cool million per year no matter how much new school pays him… 2 years.

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