The day of scheduling FCS teams…

…may be nearing an end. Petrino hit the field with 48 transfers on a squad of only 63 scholarship players. The FCS schools are a natural Last Chance U for many (can’t get playing time at a P5, grade issues, behavior problems, late bloomers, etc.). The attraction of coming to play for a Petrino (a jerk, but an undeniable offensive genius) for a year is big for players looking at one more shot at the NFL. Petrino is known to be below average at recruiting high school kids. But a 21 year old with a few years of practice under his belt at a big school is a different deal.
Add to that the fact that we’re THE game on their schedule this year so they came in super fired up.
Then, it seems like most of those FCS schools have a QB that is mobile (Petrino is tough enough by himself. Give him a mobile QB and he’s a nightmare for a DC.)
That combination of things led to a tough game last night…and could be repeated many times over the coming years by other FCS schools.

I don’t think there are a lot of FCS teams that would be able to hang with Arkansas this year. And the next two FCS games against Western Carolina and UAPB are probably going to be laughers in Little Rock.

But Missouri State did prove that there are good football teams at that level that are capable of playing with good teams in an early-season, one-time scenario. North Dakota State and South Dakota State have also put a scare into Power 5 teams this year.

If anything ends the FCS-FBS games, I think it will be TV demanding more quality games. The FBS teams want it for the bowl-eligibility component and the FCS teams want it for the payday. I don’t see those thought processes changing.

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I checked FCS versus FBS outcomes for the last few years. Last year there were 12 FCS victories ( including Washington, Vandy, Arizona, Florida State and Tulsa.) This year there have been seven (including Northwestern, Navy and Nevada). Just glad we weren’t number eight.

Be interesting next week vs S Dakota St and how MSU does in the playoffs providing they make it again. Checking the schedule, they miss N Dakota St this year.

If CBP wins the FCS NC, does he field offers from FBS schools?

Should be a great game with SDSU. Is it in Brookings? They have a great stadium and will fill it up. I really enjoy calling on folks at SDSU (and NDSU as well). Just great, great people. Those places have a whole lot of Arkansas in them.

The game will be a home game for the Bears. Kickoff is set for 2:00 p.m. My brothers and I are considering going since we would be home in time to watch the Hogs.