The day it all died

For those younger folk or those that just don’t recognize it. I was sitting listening to some Don Mcleans’ American Pie while reading the board when this jumped up and tickled my brain. Please enjoy it for the poor attempt at dark humor as it was intended.

That was just the final straw.

it was far from the worst thing he had done or the first.

Hitting the ditch was just karma catching up with him.

I would also argue that putting the program in the hands of John L.Smith was another move that facilitated the snowball headed down the mountain.

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I realize that Dudley, but that was the event that first really made the public and fans aware and lead to the eventual spiral we have been in ever since. Besides with the current state things seem to be in and where it could be headed, all I have left is humor at this point. I was sitting here listening to some Don McLean while reading the board and that popped into my head and … well… there ya go. So please everyone take if for the humor it was intended to be, even if its a little bit sad.

I love the reference now that you explained it.

Something about a horse with no name could probably be throw into the dark humor category as well.

The ole George Jones classic “He Stopped Loving Her Today” could apply to CBP the day he hit the ditch…

Dudley what did John L do in his what 8 months in charge to cause Chad Morris to be hired and lose to CSU, UNT, and San Jose st?

Dudley, just curious, who were some of the other interims considered by the powers that be after BP was let go?

I can only speak for myself and keep in mind I’m barely an expert in that category as it is, but at the time, I thought the John L hire was an excellent one. Let me explain… I felt we had a very seasoned senior heavy team, lead by a senior QB that knew what to do. I felt we just needed a temp coach to sorta just fill in for pressers and stand on the sidelines. We had a good thing going and I felt for just that year the current staff minus Bobby could run things. We had been too good the previous year I didn’t want someone in here to screw it all up, besides at that late date, choices were slim to none. I thought John L fit the requirement perfectly. We still had the rest of the previous staff so how bad could it get. As it turns out… I was so very wrong. Now granted, that was just my perspective at that point in time, but I think many people also felt that way.

Very nice. Had a friend come upon the wreck prior to the authorities. It was so surreal that my “connected” friends couldn’t buy it. 24 hours later they thought I was a “seer”.

Bobby not wrecking would have avoided Smith’s interim year. Might not have avoided hiring a coach when we hired CBB but it certainly wouldn’t have been the complete meltdown of the Smile years.

If you pay close attention to the details, Long basically had no choice but to fire Bobby. How you go forward from there is open to discussion, but I’d suggest there are no “good” solutions, only “not as horrible as other” solutions.

John L had no discipline or control over the players and coaches for an entire year. No real recruiting was done outside a bit by Tim Horton. When Bielema came in a major academic disaster was upon us furthermore Bielema was behind the recruiting 8 ball as none was done for a full year. The talent gap just continued to get wider and wider each year as his assistant hires did not do much either. That ultimately created the player control thing that revolted against Morris all of last year and the terrible talent gap he inherited here.

Y’all are gonna have to let that crap with CBB and JLS go. Geez man.

Any excuse to not blame what’s going on with “your guy”.

hard to stop a snowball moving down a hill. I will agree JLS long gone but his damage didn’t end or get fixed upon his dismissal

London, it seems like your the one that needs to quit beating the dead horse here. In no post did I say it wasn’t somebodies fault or it was somebodies fault for the current situation we are in at the moment. It is a cumulative effect that has created the spot we find ourselves in today. Many hands kept that ball rolling down hill into our current pit of despair.

I just pointed out the “moment” I considered that the Razorback Program began its decline now that I can look back over the whole time frame. Because up until that moment, things were on the up and up. We had played in the 2011 BCS Sugar bowl against the THE “cheating” Ohio State and should have won. Finished the season 10-2 with only losses againt LSU and Bama (Both in the title game). The next year we finished 11-2 with a victory over KSU in the Cotton Bowl. All indicators were we were a team to reckon with. Our future looked bright. Then, April 1st, the cookie as they say, began to crumble.

Petrino screwed up. He did not have the strength to avoid the attraction to a young woman half his age. He is not the only man to fall victim to this type of behavior. Hiring the girl friend was a stupid thing to do, especially since other more qualified candidates were not chosen for the position.

The fact remains that Bobby Petrino is a great offensive mind. His teams at Arkansas improved every year and Arkansas became a national power. The success of his successors show hard it is to have a winning football program in the SEC West. Pundits claim that he left the team with little talent. That is BS. The failures of JLS and Bielema left the cupboard bare. Morris has little chance to correct the situation because his coaching is not good enough to win games against slightly better or equal talent. The recruits must see some wins or their interest will fade and they will either de commit or enter the transfer portal. So far we have 3 de commits and 2 in the transfer portal so far and I would be surprised if the current trend does not continue.

The end of the season will be here soon and Morris must win at least 2 more games. If he doesn’t, Yurachek will have to make a tough decision. The fans. and donors expect to see wins. This decision will make or break Yurachek. Let’s all hope that he makes the right choice?

I’d like to hear some of those stories too…I remember Phil Fulmer really wanted the job but wouldn’t accept an interim deal.

IMO, CBP did not “fall victim” to anything. His behavior at every step was with full self-awareness, willfull and voluntary. We can no longer look upon men who get caught exerting their power over women as somehow being victims. They are criminals. Indeed, we were all victimized by a reckless liar.

From all accounts, JD was the instigator that encouraged the affair. Affairs are all too common today and certainly very few of them are criminal offenses. A lot of men would not be able to resist the offers of a attractive woman half his age. BP should not have had an affair, hired his lover to a university position, and stonewalled the facts of his relationship. But none of that was the crime of a sexual predator.

Nobody has ever said BP was a sexual predator, nor is he a victim, my gosh.

This is victim-blaming. Hiring someone because they are sleeping with you is a crime.

He’s far from my guy. I didn’t care for the hire at all. But he is the result of bad decision after bad decision. And that makes the decisions even tougher once he’s fired. It’s easy for you to sit here and say get rid of him. But if you had a clue how to do it and fix this problem you’d have a job doing it. But instead, your opinion is as insignificant as the rest of ours.