The Cubs did it...Why not the Hogs?

The Cubbies give hope to us Hog fans. After 108 years, they are World Champions again. The Ricketts family bought the Cubs, hired Theo Epstein to run the organization and Joe Madden to manage. It took 5 years to go from bad to the best. They have a very bright future due to the incredible talent and youth of this team.

Now to the Razorbacks… We have been aimlessly wandering in the wilderness since Kenny Hatfield left the scene. We were once a proud program finishing in the Top 10…7 times in the 1960’s…7 times!!! We were 1964 National Champions and had a 22 game winning streak…impressive. Thank you, Coach Broyles.

We have now been in the SEC 25 years…and counting with no SEC Championship…not a single one. Who would have thought that in 1992? Not me. Well, I don’t know where I am going with this so I will just say…I do think we can get there and win an SEC Championship. There is always hope. Hope is a great feeling. The Cubs did it, so can we.

“The Ricketts family bought the Cubs, hired Theo Epstein to run the organization and Joe Madden to manage.”

Arkansas doesn’t have that type of talent at the helm, nor the commitment to winning that the Cubs have. I’m afraid that’s “Why not the Hogs?”

I think we were getting there until the Petrino firing. The last year of Bobby’s Arkansas coaching career, we finished 5th in the final poll. We were close then, but it vanished like a vapor in the wind.

We have the money to make the necessary commitment to winning, and I do think Jeff Long is committed to leading the program to an SEC Championship. What do we need to get from where we are to this goal.? I am not sure…I will leave that one up to Jeff.

…then your storyline will have the same happy ending as the Cubs.

I think we may be reluctantly coming to a bitter conclusion that we are not on the right track… :frowning:

I am convinced the hogs can win an SEC title & a national title. However, there are differences between us & pro sport franchises. College football doesn’t have a draft to equalize talent. Recruiting is simply an added fact for college sports & some schools just have built in advantages.

Exactly, Chip. The reason the Cubs didn’t win for 108 years wasn’t because of a curse, a billy goat, or a black cat. It was because ownership didn’t commit to winning and putting all the pieces together. They were happy with their little 41,000-seat amusement park for adults and making tons of money while being mediocre to bad.

There are a lot of things I don’t like about Tom Ricketts, but he did what it took to finally win a title at 1060 West Addison Street – hired Theo Epstein, gave him money to spend and got out of his way. Theo worked the draft, trades and free agency brilliantly – and hired Joe Maddon to run the show on the field.

There is no owner at UA, of course – except all of us – and Jeff Long is our Theo Epstein, trying to put the pieces together. He has resources, to be sure, but others have more. He also has disadvantages that no pro president or GM faces, the main one being recruiting (although I can recall there was a time when no NFL free agent wanted to play in little bitty Green Bay until Mike Holmgren and Brett Favre came along and changed things). There is no mother lode of talent just waiting for our head coach to call, in any sport. We do better in some sports than others, but in all of them we have to outwork and outsmart the rest; it’s not going to fall into our lap like it does at some schools. But things can fall into place. They did on April 4, 1994. They did 42 times for an Irishman named McDonnell. And they did on January 1, 1965. And some day they will again.