The Crowd and Noise

Good crowd yesterday. Not great but good, continue to win and it will get better. Here is my issue and I would like to hear others comment. Been going to basketball games back to Barnhill. I remember and loved Jim Robken! Yesterday we make a mini run and get up by 10, Indiana coach, smart move, calls time out. Instead of keeping the crowd in the game with spirit squads, band, music, we give away French fries. Kills the crowd in my opinion. I have commented to the foundation to the person whom I deal with over there, but come on!! I know you can not get on the floor like the band use to, but there has to be things that can be done to keep all of us old people standing, and the young one yelling! Who makes these decisions? Football is the same way, we just have not had a lot to cheer about there.

I agree 100%. Instead of giving something away during some of the timeouts . I wished the cheerleaders would just go out and call the hogs, same way in football I don’t remember the last time the cheerleaders got on the field and called the hogs.

I’ve been complaining about the crowd-killing timeout nonsense for years. I was part of the Hogwild band in its heyday (1979-83). The whole point was to keep the crowd in the game through the timeout so a coach got no benefit from calling it. Of course, in those days, they didn’t do regular media timeouts unless the game was actually on TV (which was still kind of rare).

Back in those days, there were some planned timeout activities, mostly with the cheerleaders and pom squad (certain cheers, hog call, dance number, etc.) , but Jim Robken had the authority to do William Tell any time he thought it would keep the crowd going.

Now, it’s so programmed and corporate, they even plan when to play William Tell! No spontaneity at all. I get it. It’s all about the money. Still, it hurts the atmosphere at the Bud.

I hope the new A D will take note. I heard that the timeout activities were going to change for football next year, maybe they will do something in basketball also.

I think that you can thank Mr. Long for a lot of that…It is all about the advertisement $$$

labb is right. It’s all about money now…

I wonder if Long will do that to Kansas basketball?

In a way it has to be. It has become too expensive to run an Athletic Department and ADs have to find innovative ways to generate new revenue. ADs are incented to increase revenue at the expense of what OP points out.

I am sure Kansas has been doing something like this before Long got there. They have to.

As far as the crowd, there were 17K plus tickets sold. Fantastic for a non Top 25 opponent

we need a robkin type to lead the band and spirit squad. period. i remember when you would go to games early to hear robin’s band play looney tunes songs. him sprinting around the court and the noise meter going to the top.

my son and i were discussing the student section during the indiana game. we watch lots of basketball. our students are not nearly as active as some we see on tv. at a duke game they stand, have mid court seats it seems, not stuck in a corner, they are loud, fun, and really create a home court advantage. it is the happening place to be for a student. watch our games, and the premium seats are filled with people that sit on their rear end most of the game. guess that’s what the big money types do.

its not the same as it was years ago. not winning big time might have something to do with that. yes we win at home on a consistent basis. but under eddie and nolan we are ranked, nationally recognized. maybe the many years of futility has something to do with the crowd now days.

just smiling, remembering when nolan went into the student section and led the band. that was great wasn’t it.

its just different now, at both football and basketball games.

We absolutely get enough money from TV/ESPN/TheMotherShip contracts, that there is no possible reason we need to ruin the game atmosphere with constant promotions, commercials, advertisements… And did they ever start to use that gigantic video board to show a freaking box score or foul count or anything basketball related, or can’t they not spare an inch of real estate for their tyson chicken advertisements? They definitely have made it all about money, but they are doing it the wrong way. You know what generates revenue? Winning and a sold out basketball palace. Those things definitely go together. Sure seems like the administration can’t see that bc their heads are too far up the corporate donor butts. The basketball palace used to be a fun and exciting place to watch basketball. Just saying.