The corrupt NCAA and SEC.

It would appear the NCAA and the SEC has decided to look the other way in regards to cheating. Yeah, I know. No surprise there. But in the past, when the NCAA actually cared about cheating and it’s own reputation, cheaters actually tried to hide thier corrupt activities. Schools actually feared the repercussions if caught. Now, cheating is all but in the open. It was the FBI and not the NCAA who conducted the investigations. At some point, the NCAA decided to look the other way. The Power Five saw the righting on the wall and proceeded to do the same. The SEC, tired of being known as mostly a football conference ignored the fact that schools were actively recruiting and hiring known cheaters. A win at all cost attitude and all the money coming in were the driving factors. How many coaches across the country lost jobs because they wouldn’t go along with this corruption? Coaches that do get caught just move on to another job, or become a commentator at ESPN, while the schools take the punishment. Albeit, reduced from past decades. As long as Big Sports Networks, Shoe Corporations, the NCAA and Power Five tolerate this behavior, it will continue to get worse. Any semblance of amateur sports will die away. I watch amateur sports because I despise most Pro Sports. Most pros really don’t care if thier team wins or not. Just as long as the check clears. I love the excitement and passion of amateur sports. Now I fear it will soon be dead and gone forever.