The coolest thing about this Auburn loss

is seeing the scowl on Gus’ face and realizing we don’t have to endure it on our sideline for the next 5 or 6 years.

I’m sure the Tigger fans are wondering aloud about his renewed contract.

Let’s see. Auburn whipped Bama in a tuff game, & Auburn loses to UCF (who becomes 13-0). Do that mean …
UCF should beat Bama? ha!!!


Fred…you are 100% correct.

Loved every minute of this game.

Gets Malzahn closer to being on the hot seat again and he will be if they lose to Washington in the 2018 season opener, be great to see Aubie crash and burn next year.

He knew what he was doing getting big money guaranteed. He will need 9-10 wins next year to keep their fanbase happy. May only see two years of his new contract. I expect several Auburn stud defenders to declare for NFL.

Shucks. At least he is rich.
I doubt he is coaching Auburn in 2-3 years.
I am so happy for them and I am very happy for us.