The commission to study college basketball

Much being written and talked about the commission’s findings. What a great job they did. Well, I think it is a whole lot to do about nothing. We don’t need a “commission” to tell us and the NCAA what is wrong with our current system. Especially from a group that has no, I mean NO, power. The average fan walking the street could have told the NCAA the same thing this group did. It took a FBI investigation to move the NCAA to do anything. What is wrong with this picture. Guess I am just old and grumpy but this whole Commission thing just struck me the wrong way.

Amen Labb! What did they come up with that most of us didn’t already know?

The money wasted on this could have been put to better use somewhere else.

The bottom line found in this . The NCAA enforcement staff is gutless! When a program is caught cheating they make a show out of it and at the end of the day they don’t take any action! Coaches that cheat keep getting hired and some of them get all the praise from the media! Example Greaseball “Cal”. To shed a little light on how sorry it is “Slick Rick” has had his name come up in coaching jobs since his firing at Louisville. Greg Stankey and SEC rule about notififying the SEC office before hiring a coach with a checkered past is another example of lip service! The SEC has plenty of cheaters in basketball.
Kentucky “Greaseball” Cal
Moo U “Honest” Ben
Auburn "Lying " Bruce
LSU the jury is out on him but the NCAA has and continues to look at his recruiting practices.
Nothing will change!

The 800-pound gorilla in the room, which the commission did not address, is money. Those who have it – the schools and the NCAA with their billion dollar TV contract – and those who don’t – the athletes. There are about 90 schools in the seven top hoops leagues, the Power Five football leagues plus the American and Big East. That means about 1200 scholarship athletes. They may be jocks, but they’re smart enough (or their parents remind them) to realize the money flows around them and not to them. And shoe companies and agents and AAU coaches realize that too. Science tells us that in the presence of a vacuum, things tend to flow into that vacuum; it’s why a vacuum cleaner works. This vacuum is a money vacuum for the players and their families, and the agents fill that vacuum with under-table cash. All the rules in the world don’t fix that, unless you get rid of the vacuum by giving the players a chance to get cash openly.