The comedy continues...

I just read a headline stating cbb plans to start with Allen despite being injured. Cbb doesn’t seem to know how to break outside of his self created echo chamber to make smart decisions. Alabama beats us everyday of the week and twice on Sunday even with Allen having the best game of his life. Kelley is as good as Allen when both are healthy and now you’re considering starting an injured (physical for sure perhaps mental) qb over a healthy, equal sub. Let Allen completely recover and put some weight behind your next up. Perhaps too early to comment on but it’s such an unbelievable thing to me to even suggest. It’s a laughable decision to the point of diminishing any coaching credibility.

Unless Allen is incapable of performing, you don’t throw a Freshman who has never started to the Wolves of Alabama and Auburn. Technically, the season is not over. If they are 3-7 going into the last two home games, I’d be for CK starting the last two at Home.

Allen is not going to start if he is injured. Some tests tomorrow will determine whether he is able to play.

The last time a freshman Arkansas QB was thrown to the Alabama wolves, it was Brandon Allen in a 52-0 loss that scarred for awhile.

If Austin is cleared - and that’s a big If - then he’ll start.

If not, Cole Kelley would get his best shot and like Alabama’s.

He’s day-to-day and they hope to have him starting tomorrow. If he can’t go, it’ll be Cole. If he is able to play, it’ll be him.

A guess the point I’m trying to make is I’d rather lose trying something different rather than lose with the same script we’ve had the past five years. Plus, I give Kelley the start on presence alone.

Not against Alabama. That could set Cole back 2 years. We are going to need him.

A guess the point I’m trying to make is I’d rather lose trying something different rather than lose with the same script we’ve had the past five years. Plus, I give Kelley the start on presence alone.
[/quote]I sure hope the staff hasn’t quit like you seemingly have. To some of us it is not comedy, and hopefully a lot of us are in it for the long haul (know I am with 50-plus years and counting.)

exactly let aa get what he has coming. play garbage for five games then sit out bama week smdh


Since when is trying something new quitting. I’ll continue to support the hogs regardless of my frustrations. Frustrations expressed by laughing at this mess.

No. Yes, playing him could get him hurt. That’s horrible and not wanted for anyone. That said, this is football. You think he’ll need two years to mentally recover from a game. I disagree. It’s yuge learning experience for him and could provide the offense some new wrinkles. My sense is CK is a competitor and competitors want the best. What’s funny is most are saying let AA take the beating and save CK.

I understand what you are saying. I am thinking of what the Insiders said happened to BA a few years ago. Apparently the game against Alabama did some real damage to him (I have assumed mental as well as physical, but that is an assumption on my part). Have you ever seen a major league baseball team leave a pitcher in when he is being hit all over the place, because they knew the game in question was over anyway and they wanted to save their bullpen for another day? That is how this feels to me.

If AA is healthy enough to play, he’ll start. No question about it, and it’s the right decision IMHO…

Agree but CK just seems to have an attitude that he would not suffer scarring like that. We may or may not find out.
A&M’s true freshman QB did OK against Bama so Bama wasn’t able to completely render him useless through defensive scheming.

i think the PTSD concern is way overblown.
its football.
hes a D1 athlete ( and a very big one)
he is chomping at the bit to start against alabama

who knows.
maybe he does well.

as bad as things have been… watching a freshman qb start brings a sliver of hope

that said… if AA is 100% he is clearly the guy to start
but I’d say given the performances of the year to this point in the games (which do matter)
i’'d plan on cole having some meaningful reps every game the rest of the way out

he has shown moxie and throws a nice ball


Seanjae, I agree with you 100 percent. I remember a hurt BA playing at Missouri . He was tough too. Did we maximize our chances of winning at Missouri? No. We shouldn’t play someone because they are tough. We should play who gives us the best chance to win. After throwing into triple coverage at tam and after the pick six at sc, AA should have been pulled. I can’t believe the trainer did that later instead of our head coach. CK can scramble. AA just gets sacked. CK won’t be affected as much by the ol problems. BA and AA are great young men from a great family. I am realizing that I believed too much of the pr for AA from the coaches. Play a different qb.