The college football world now knows about walk-on Hudson Clark — an overlooked DB who dominated at Highland Park

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I don’t blame the last staff since NO ONE offered. But, I want to know how a kid w/ his #s against high level TX competition & w/ his measurables was completely overlooked by CFB. I think I know but I‘d like to know the excuses given & his actual combine #s. Does anyone know?

thanks RD, good stuff as always


That is peculiar, huh?

Amazing really. He was playing the highest level HS football. How do you not see that?

I will speculate, its because he is white, I heard Roman Harper call him a dinosaur on the sec channel earlier this week and thats because white corners no longer exist. You do not see white corners in the major college football other than BYU and maybe Boise, if he does not have the speed, than make him a saftey, he has a nose for the football, and we are lucky enough to have him on our team.

Clliff Harris didn’t get a D1 offer did he? The guy was an all-Pro from Des Arc High School and OBU. Sometimes nobody looks your way…you just have to keep on plugging. He finally got his scholarship. The next time we play, all Hog fans will be checking out Hudson Clark.

Richard wrote about him when he committed. Listed 40 time of 4.6.

As the Dallas article noted, scouts come to Highland Park for quarterbacks and offensive linemen (one of whom was once a kid named Clayton Kershaw who did all right in another field; Kershaw was Matthew Stafford’s center at HP). They don’t come for RBs and WRs and CBs. That, I suspect, is related to pigmentation.

Cliff Harris didn’t get ANY offers. A family friend talked Buddy Benson into taking him at OBU.

Great article RD. Two Hudsons in the same class. One recruited by just about every school in the country and one recruited by nobody. Btw, did Hudson C play on the HP team that lost to PA?

6-2, 4.6 with exceptional ball skills and a great resume at a very high level in Texas…but no offers. Crazy.

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