The Coach

Been traveling most of the day to Savanna for NAAA next week. Caught scores and glimpses of games (including that mess in Houston). Heard all week that as soon as SEC game over we would have a coach. Gus was falling all over himself to come home. Then, it was 5 hrs and a plane would go get a coach. So I knew when I get in the room, I would be able to go on here and read all about the new coach.

Surprise, surprise… I get on and nothing changed. It’s still Gus! Norvel (or whoever) is our man. I want this one. No that one.

Conclusion: None of us really knows anything. The Yellville barber is as good a source as any.

Any planes left Fayetteville for parts unknown? We are all crazy!!!

You nailed it Jim! We should just stay off the board & wait until it scrolls across the ticker on ESPN because nobody here really knows. Just a lot of guessing, which is fine I guess.

Sure, we all guess. Why not, but it is meaningless. Heck, I do not even have any idea who is running this show. Seems to me like we are in a big, big mess.

Nothing changes until Gus says no and the ball in in Auburn’s court now.

We are probably talking about his last major job change at his age, $35-50M contract, and equally important how much control he would have. All are in play when you have two different groups trying to hire the coach. Two days ago the discussion would be could you wait until Jan. Three hours on Sat changed that (thank you GA.) and now it gets serious. Auburn it would appear to me is the one in spot here. They have to beat the Ark offer (whatever that is) and I question if the control issue there would be as good as what Gus could negotiate at Arkansas. Arkansas still has options available if Gus says no and stays but Auburn has less given what has changed with recent coaching moves and having FSU \Tenn (lesser so) as competition for name coaches that would fix the Auburn wishes. Gus has to decide to stay in that situation (best time to negotiate is now as he will have new AD boss soon) or decide to return home once and for all. Arkansas is best to keep pressure on via $ and terms and make Gus say no. Couple days will not make that much difference considering the other coaching options resumes are not as strong as Gus’s and fact that we have already spent $17m to get to this point. JMHO.

I don’t expect the real insiders here (Clay, Matt, Dudley et al) to find out any faster than insiders at ESPN or any other major sports organization. However, it appears there are a lot of posters on here that know no more than that barber in Yellville, but enjoy posting their “info.” I’m sure many are well-meaning, but it appears others just like getting reactions.

I’ll check periodically today to see if some real news flashes up, but I’ll check at the top for that. I’ll read the messages for entertainment & discussion, but not for news.