The Citadel

The 1992 loss to The Citadel will remain the most embarrassing Arkansas loss in modern history.

Coastal Carolina would be close.

Yes but today will be remembered as the most embarrassing win in modern history.

I agree. The word embarrassing as it relates to lossesnin sports is very overused but this was ridiculous.

Notorious I would dare say more embarrassing than the dreaded red face double. Malfunctioning scoreboard AND no working toilets.

Let’s not get crazy. Nothing is more embarrassing than the malfunctioning WMS. I thought I was going to faint from embarrassment early today when the ref’s mic wasn’t working.

This is the first time feeling bad after a win. That was an awful game.

I must absolutely disagree. The Citadel loss was a disgrace, a total disgrace. I remember the excuses as I am sure many of you do. I only mention that because even if true, it was a head coach not knowing how to be a head coach. This win is far worse in my book than that loss. The Citadel was the first game of the year if I remember correctly. Few knew or cared from this fan base, but the Citadel went on to become a very salty football team. We were not the only good program they took down that year by far and they made a nice bowl.

This was a 1 and 7 Sun Belt football team that just thoroughly embarrassed us. This is Bielema’s 5th year. I have tremendous for the man, but this is unacceptable. Frank would have had this tended to my noon tomorrow. I know the money at stake is huge, but this fan base has paid all that it can, and deserves more.

>Let’s not get crazy. Nothing is more embarrassing than the malfunctioning WMS. I thought I was going to faint from embarrassment early today when the ref’s mic wasn’t working.<


Citadel is FCS. They don’t have bowls. However they did make the FCS playoffs that year and reached the quarterfinals.

Nothing compares to the '92 loss to the Citadel.

• They were a Division 1-AA team playing in the Southern Conference.
• They only played one other Division 1-A team, defeating Army – not exactly a good football program
• They did have wins over some notable 1-AA teams including Wofford, East Tennessee State, Appalachian State, Chattanooga, Western Carolina, Newberry, VMI, Furman, and North Carolina A&T

I am glad we didn’t lose to Coastal Carolina today. But win or lose, this would not be as embarrassing as the loss to 1-AA The Citadel; not by a long shot.

Difference is that this coach has had 5 years to get his players in and install his scheme. Whatever that may be. Plus we had a coach that was a former offensive coordinator as coach. This guy we have has been a head coach, what, 10 years. We were lucky to win this week and last week. This is one of worst teams we have fielded since this coaches 1st year. We are pathetic on defense. Plain pathetic.

I actually think losing today would have been as bad as Citadel

Coastal Carolina in first year in FBS… so, through last year, they were in FCS, just like Citadel

Coastal has an interim head coach… real coach is out for medical reasons

Coastal had a backup qb much of the game

Coastal had 4 freshman linemen

I think a loss today would have been just as bad

Thank goodness we won

Well, MissStake is a much better football team than we are. CC’s one win was over UMass, who had MissStake down 20 - 13 at half today and were within a score with 4 minutes left. MissStake also a lost to a South Alabama team that was 2 - 6 in the Sun Belt last season. We’re not a good football team. Auburn is. They had trouble with a Mercer team that didn’t play football as of 2012. In 2015 a lousy South Carolina team lost to the Citadel by a point and then in almost a complete reversal came within a score of #1 Clemson the next week. It shouldn’t happen, but it isn’t as rare or historic as fans believe. Funny results happen when one team is playing their Super Bowl and the other one is making plans for Saturday night. Obviously we’re not good enough to overlook any other college football team.

Clarence, I was thinking of the Citadel while watching this game.

Bert is done. DONE. Fork. Cake. Done. Turkey. Done.

Without the heroics of TJ Hammonds and the defense FINALLY waking up we’d be mourning a loss. Bert did not have this team ready to play. Our D is AWFUL. My dad asked me if I knew a word worse than AWFUL and I told him none I could say in front of Mom.

Here’s my deal. I’m sick and tired of seeing uninspired football. I can take a loss as long as the team is playing hard. This team (for the most part) as no testicular fortitude. Mentally weak. Tiddly winks. TIDDLY WINKS!

Out scheme us? Fine. But for Coastal Carolina to open up a can of whoop ass on the line of scrimmage (and everywhere else) is completely unacceptable.

I agree. Frank would have Bert fired tomorrow.