The Chiefs fire

their DC - Bob Sutton. Wonder if that would have happened if Dee Ford had not been offside on the interception & Chiefs were in SB?
However, even with the most sacks in NFL this season they still gave up over 400 yds & a bunch of points a game.

The Chiefs had a terrible tackling team this year. The defense held the team back in all of its losses.

That was a tough loss for Andy Reid and the Chiefs…in my view, the Chiefs were a better team, but when you have to play against Brady and Belichek, usually you are going to lose. I was pulling for New England, but that first half defense the Patiots put on the Chiefs stunned them for a whole half…0 points. The 2nd half, after adjustments, the Chiefs scored 31 points, but were a little short. That, to me, was the difference in the game.