The Chargers......Arkansas’ team?

I was thinking about Razorback players in the NFL and realized a lot have played for/ drafted y the Chargers. Top of mind:

Lance Alworth
Billy Ray Smith Jr.
Gary Anderson
Ray Lee Johnson
Darius Philon
Jevontae Herndon
Danny Walters
Isaac Davis

Any other team had as many former Razorback players?

Hunter Henry

Bobby Duckworth

Of course … how could I miss Hunter. Quite a list of former Hogs.

I can think of a few right off the bat for New England as well:

Trey Flowers
Deatrich Wise
Cody Hollister
Ryan Mallett
Brooks Ellis
AJ Derby

Jake bequette

Jerry Jones
Stephen Jones
Cliff Harris
Robert Thomas
Darren McFadden
Felix Jones
Clint Stoerner
Sam Irwin Hill
Dan Skipper
Tom Crowder

Good add!

I’m down with that…

Robert Thomas is from Jacksonville, but he was a Reddie, not a Razorback.

Robert Thomas played DT at Arkansas and plays for the giants.

The Robert Thomas that played for the Cowboys is who I described. Too many Tobert Thomases.

Cliff Harris was not a Hog… come on Duds! :smiley:

It is a common name, lol.

Come on JR. Admit your post was very confusing.

No where in the post did I see @ Fayetteville.

He is a “former Hog.” I figured you meant him, but you said former Hog and that’s it. I figured you had him in mind.

And Cliff Harris was a Ouachita Tiger, although his kid brother Tommy played for the Hogs.

the Razorbacks team then.

I consider Arkansas a state. :sunglasses:

Can we count dan Bailey? He was around Fayetteville for a short stint.

Yes … left because Nutt would not give him a scholly because Tejada was coming.

Talk about 20/20 hindsight!