The Chad Kelly brawl

I don’t recall seeing any mention of Kelly going onto the field at his brother’s HS game. Apparently he didn’t throw a punch, but had to be restrained.

I suppose no one mentioned it because no one expected Hugh Freeze to do anything about it. I certainly didn’t expect any repercussions for him. However, given Kelly’s history, I can’t imagine CBB letting that behavior go unpunished. Oh well, I know Ole Miss’s coach is all about character & following the rules. I’ve heard him speak.

I think it was mentioned. But again, no one expected anything to come out of it. Bret said on Monday that he expected Chad to play. He didn’t reference the brawl, but there was inference that a decision would be made to play the quarterback. I don’t think there is one person who is shocked – that he’d go on the field like that or that Hugh Freeze would just sweep it under the rug.

Bob Holt had a follow-up story on this right here a couple of days ago: … eing-invo/

I think people are over playing this. Certainly not an Ole Miss fan but Chad wasn’t “involved” in the brawl at all. He started to rush out on the field but was restrained. The brawl was occurring on the opposite sidelines. He never got close to it. People are wording this to sound much worse than it was.

Besides that, who would want to beat Ole Miss without Kelly playing? Since he never even threw a punch, surprised at some of the comments.

I think CBB would’ve handled it the same way…we didn’t sit Hayden after a public drunk charge…

are you sure? I know he was held out of at least the first quarter, but did he play at all versus Alabama. I know the linebacker from Alabama who had the gun arrest did not miss any time.

Johnson played against Alabama.

One difference in Kelly’s situation and others’ is that Kelly has quite a history, including several “second chances.” It wasn’t the nature of the offense so much as it was the most recent display of misbehavior. … -football/

I’ve seen the video. I guess it depends on what your interpretation is of “involved” or “close to”. It’s overblown because of his history. He was never involved in this brawl but as the big brother, I wouldn’t blame him if he was.

Just putting up the video and story for those who had not seen it.

People can make their own decisions about what they think.

I would certainly have defended my late brother, but not charged in as anybody knows a football fight isn’t a real one.