The Catholic High 4 Boys

Are 7-0 and appear to have a good shot at running the table. To state the obvious, dropping to 6-A has been a Godsend for Catholic. No more demoralizing losses to Bryant, bot and Conway. Still, they were only picked to finish 7th in the 6-A East. That’s quite a turnaround. What’s going on over there RD? And how do the Rockets match up with the big boys in the 6-A West?

They have a good receiver, Brooks Ward. I coached my son’s peewee team with his Dad. He had an older brother that was on the team. Brooksy (as we called him) would come out and practice with us. He’s helping that team out a lot and has made some really great catches this year.

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good coach, great effort, lots of kids who love each other and their coach. several very quick receivers.

they have beaten NLR, Benton, West Memphis, won at searcy.

to tell you the truth, the rocket family is asking the same question ealgle asked-how in the world are these boys doing this? really fun ride, our best season since I was there in the 80’s.



You too huh…

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class of 87. we were kind of a big deal. Father Tribou’s favorite class ever. I’m sure you heard about us, LOL.

What was his German Shepherd’s name? I remember seeing him wherever Tribou was 24/7.

Haven’t seen them play but evidently just a bunch of guys who compete hard and are truly a team. I know the QB Sam Sanders is usually pretty solid. Fogleman sends me stats and Sanders and Brooks Ward are always productive.

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I watched them last Friday.

They have a great Safety named Eichler.

Any relation to former Razorback QB John Eichler?

Haha… Yep, I remember it well, it probably helped that we bought him new car on the way out.

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Eagle, John has son who lives in Central AR. My guess is, the player is John’s grandson.

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Brother Richard over there has had a couple of German Shepherds the last twenty years or so. The one that was there when my sons went to Catholic used to wander around inside the school and was famous for turning freshman football practice into utter chaos by running onto the field and chasing footballs.

It great to see Catholic winning a lot of games. Things will get much tougher in the playoffs, as the 6A-West is a much, much tougher conference.

that’s funny, we just had our 35th reunion, Ramon was talking about meeting Mr Stevens (THE Mr. Stevens), to raise money for that car. good times.


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Yeah, I didn’t go. Lol.

I know Ramon well, including during his time working for CNN. The whole class put up money as well, not just the rich guy.

Catholic was proud and stayed in 7A way too long. They kept asking for exemptions to stay there. Their enrollment #s haven’t justified it for awhile but they wanted to play the best teams, particularly those locally like Central. I’m happy for those kids. Finally they are getting to compete against schools with comparable size.

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Don’t forget, they beat NLR this year.

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They were playing the Arkansas high school equivalent of an SEC West schedule. The last Catholic game I went to, was against Bryant in 2019. They fought like banshees, but all that size and talent eventually wore them down.

The junior class is very tough and competitive. They have been this way since the 3rd grade. Coach played lots of these boys as sophomores last year when games were out of reach. He moved 13 of them to varsity after their 9th grade team finished their season and that showed them they could hang I think.

Lots of good athletes unfortunately I don’t see any d1 guys. Brooks ward is a heck of a baseball player but I figure some football offers will follow. Cade McConnell at corner and Matthew barthol will get some offers as will the Johnson boys (no relation to each other) at d2 level.

Select seniors such as Sam sanders Cole pace and Ross mcginn complement juniors and are really great leaders.

If they can beat Jacksonville Friday will make 8-0 which I think is best ever.

Sure hope they stay in first because that gauntlet of greenwood pa lake Hamilton and lrca from the west is going to be tough.

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Pike, you didn’t mention Eichler. He’s the one who jumped out at me….not as a high D1 prospect, just a great high school player.

He will have the chance to play somewhere after high school, imo.

I don’t think beating Jacksonville is a big if. It’s more of a when. Wasn’t Catholic a powerhouse in the late 60’s? I would be surprised if they’ve never been undefeated.Then again, they’ve always had to play a brutal schedule.