The Catfish Hole

WR Trey Knox had flight delays and isn’t there right now, A’Monate Spivey who’s on an unofficial visit isn’t attending because he’s allergic to shell fish. He’s doing everything else the official kids are doing, but obviously is paying his own tab.

The recruits were getting off the bus a few minutes ago.

Showing my ignorance here, but I’ve heard it said many times that the Catfish Hole offers a nice steak dinner as well - don’t they? However (and here’s where the ignorance comes in), for someone with a shell fish allergy issue, is just being around a lot of cooked fish a problem, even if you don’t eat it yourself?

Assume so. Just heard he was afraid to be at the CH.

I’ve known some people with shell fish allergies. Some could eat other fresh water fish without any issues. Others wouldn’t go near any fish period.