The Case Against Ole Miss

Interesting article by Pete Thamel on the website. Ole Miss is in bad trouble with the NCAA. This article only details what we have all read and heard about their football program.

The article quotes a “veteran SEC coach” who in summary says if the NCAA doesn’t hammer them into submission, the cheating will become rampant in the SEC and all of college football, like college basketball already is.

The NCAA has a chance to send a message to college football…Do they have the guts to do it? I think they do.

The Case Against Ole Miss

I’m surprised this thread isn’t getting more interest. I read both that article & the Staples article from a few weeks ago. This is beginning to look pretty serious for the Bears (the Ole Mrs ones, not the Baylor ones although their problems are severe, too.). Most of us have suspected Hugh & the boys of stretching the rules by more than a smidgen, but it’s looking like there could be some major repercussions for them. I’d love to see those 11 scholies they’ve penalized themselves get stretched to about 25 over 4 years plus a two year bowl ban.

Too many people complaining about Classic View to worry about the Webbels, Chip.

IMO both sets of Bears have pretty bad problems. I don’t think the NCAA will hammer BU like they did Penn State, but they’re extremely damaged in public opinion. And given Bucky’s ill-advised bluster that fans with evidence of cheating should email the OM compliance office (which they did, in spades), all I can say is karma is a witch with a capital B.

Nothing would please me more than the Rebel Bears getting their due. I’ve come to despise them as much as any team around.

If I was Miller (the step daddy) I would be very concerned for my own safety. He has crossed them up real good. After reading the article attached here, Ole Miss appears to be as low, dirty and rotten as you possible stoop to in order to win games, sign and keep blue chips in so many ways. Worse punishment that SMU received in the 1980s would not be enough.

Agree, I feel the same.

I think we are all watching their recruiting in hopes that it starts to be impacted. Their AD lied before signing day in the media that it was over, which saved their butts for signing day. I am concerned that they may not be impacted much by the investigation because OM will lie to recruits just like they did to the media. The Tunsil legal actions may force justice that the NCAA can’t sweep under the rug.