The cake walk region

I ain’t a skeered of any of these featherweights. Bring on the Rebelious Ones!

I’m not scared of any of them, either. However, I don’t like taking a “this will be a cake walk” attitude. Perhaps I’m just being superstitious, but it seems that whenever I see or hear comments like that, they almost always precede a terribly surprising & disappointing upset.

Nothing is a cake walk. I think I’m 2017 the hogs played half the night and part of the morning because of rain and lost the next day to get elimainted at home. That Hogs team should have advanced.
In my opinion you always need to show up and play good ball to win.
In regards to Ole Miss and LSU and their regionals I don’t think they will have the pitching to survive because of all of the extra innings put on their bullpens last week! Especially Ole Miss.

I’m not scared of anybody if the Hogs play like they are capable…

Rain can change a game! I’m confident the Hogs are capable of beating any team they face but one bad break can swing the mojo and the game is in the balance.

Nothing can be considered a cake walk yet. Weather can change the odds quickly as well as having a cake walk attitude.
Only cake walk I see in the future is when we play UAPB in football next season.

Well, we also had that cakewalk against UALR a few weeks back.

I tend to agree with you about UAPB, but I can’t think of anything worse to say about a baseball tournament.

Yep baseball doesn’t require players to try to physically dominate one another play after play, where the bigger, stronger, faster, more talented team wins 99 % of the time.
Get a couple breaks in the field, at the plate, costly errors at the right time are just a few factors that can swing a baseball game at this level. All of the above can be caused by over confidence.

However Coach DVH makes me feel so much better about that not happening with our team.