The buyout is not $15 million

As of today the buyout is $12.5 and drops about $10,100 per day until Jan 1 because the buyout is prorated based on the remaining months and days until Jan 1. Actually it will probably be less than that because coach B is obligated to try to get another coaching job as a head coach or assistant in college or pros, or related to coaching. And the buyout will be reduced by his gross compensation as a coach or related through the end of the contract.

Thanks for the post - There appears to be a lot of misperceptions out in the public domain about the buyout. I know lots of people that think the U of A would have to write him a $15.4mm check as soon as they discharge him from his duties - not correct per the contract. I believe if he were discharged on 12/1 Arkansas would be obligated to begin payments that will continue for 36 months and will be reduced when he accepts other employment.

Much more manageable than having to write a $15.4 mm check.

Coaches who want to avoid being “fired” will negotiate the number down a great deal so they can claim they “resigned.”

The buyout is not the problem most find it to be.

I’ve read the contract and do understand that it is pro-rated over the year. Your facts are correct.

However, any way you cut it, that’s a bunch of money. And, it would not be just firing one coach. You have nine others who would get some kind of termination settlement. Not all of them have big contracts, but the coordinators do. And, all of them seem to be on something that carries them until June. It comes to a lot of money, more than I can comprehend. I guess it’s the way of the SEC. You have to pay that kind of buyouts to get someone to coach in this division, this league. Well, maybe you don’t, but you would not hire an experienced head coach doing that. Maybe that’s not where you go, but it’s mainly been what Arkansas has done, except with Jack Crowe. He was promoted from being an assistant. That probably is why you don’t do that too often. Obviously, there have been some good coordinators promoted to head coach, like a Bob Stoops and some others.

I was wondering about this the other day, thanks for the info.

I agree, that is a lot of money; especially for the head coach. I don’t have the facts so I am only guessing. However, whatever their buyouts, I suspect the actual final costs for the assistant coaches will not be that much since most of the assistants will get other positions with similar salaries.

However, the buyout for the head coach is $3.9 million per year and if fired, it is not likely he will get another position at anywhere near that amount.

Thanks for your input, Clay. Like many, I really worry about finding replacements even if the buyouts are manageable. We are not the preeminent job we once were. We’re a good job, but any incoming coach knows who the competition in this league is. He will know Alabama, AU, LSU, & TAMU all have better resources. We are 5th–pretty much tied for 5th with OM & MSU. At the time I thought we were lucky to get a Bret Bielema to come here even though we know it hasn’t really worked out. On a personal level, I hope he turns it around, gets another year & it’s a very successful one that will propel him to a longterm coach here. But I see the writing on the wall. My hopes are not going to be met. A dismal season will force an unhappy termination. I’d love to be wrong.

I would guess he would get one that pays at least that much.

He could say that it was a tough rebuild and that the recruiting base being so small makes it hard.

No really a lie, also he is pretty well thought of in the coaching ranks.

Lot of jobs will be opening up pretty soon and he will get a good job

Question is if he is let go will we

Is he well thought of as a coach or was he?
I think it’s a ‘he was’ situation. The recent failures of past Wisconsin coaches doesn’t help him.

I know that I’ve read from one of the anonymous coach interviews, that several thought he was entirely over rated. I know no one likes anonymous interviews, myself included, but people say what they think for once in them.

I think he’s respect as a person, but his coaching respect has taken a big hit.

I think his next career is in broadcasting, and I think he’d do a fine job at it.

So maybe if we have to make a change the worst case is we have to hire a top notch Ast coach??

I just can’t see how we would make a deal with a coach where he can take a job anytime and owe us nothing and if we make a change we owe him 10 million?

I want someone to make me that deal…

I don’t know if we will make a change this year or not… I do feel like no matter what coach B will be gone after next year for sure… Be that fired or he accepts another job…, we will have a new head coach either after this year or next…

I think it will be hard to hire Ast coaches and I think recruiting will suffer each year he is here… That is the choice the AD and higher ups will need to make.