The Business Of College Sports

I didn’t know what board to put this topic under, but since LSU basketball is the latest news, I posted it here.

Seeing all of this new information and scandal at LSU, I can’t help but think how this has effected the Hogs, even if it’s slightly. But it’s not slightly.

People may not like this, or want to believe it. But, for the sake of this topic as it is the biggest revenue for the schools, both football and basketball prospects get paid. Almost all of them. Even at the UA, they are getting paid. I know, I know, I can hear it - “where is the proof?” But the truth is, almost every school, ESPECIALLY THE SEC, pay recruits and players. Both before and after they make it to campus. And families. They get them jobs, pay rent, and car payments. I’m sorry if that is something that folks don’t want to hear or believe. But it is a fact. It’s been going on for a long time.

College sports is a multi-billion dollar business. That’s with a B, folks. And if you don’t keep up, or want to reach DEEP in your pockets, you most likely will not get these prized recruits. I don’t care how good of program you have. They can go anywhere. Every school and game is on TV. And if you have a struggling or underachieving program, you have to really pay. You may well be a good coach. But as we have said here, without the talent, you will not win.

I actually don’t have a problem with it. Because, it will happen no matter what. I know people call it cheating, but I call it competing. Sure it’s a cliche. And quite honestly, and please excuse me for saying it, this is part of why we have not been able to keep up with the growth and explosion of the SEC. Especially football and basketball. How else are we supposed to win? You cannot keep up with the rest of college football/basketball without being the highest bidder. For at least a decade, our coaches have been handcuffed by this.

And please, don’t say “you cant prove that”. Ok, well all I know is that we haven’t signed a top 15 class since uh…EVER. It is not a coincidence. We haven’t done enough to equip our coaches. With all the connections our school has, are you kidding me? How do you think Clemson blew up on the scene? They were going nowhere. Notre Dame? Great school, but you mean to tell me a non catholic kid from Florida is wanting to be in South Bend??? Auburn? What a s**thole. Fayetteville is a top 10 city in America. We have top 10 facilities. But yet, we are 10th in the SEC in recruiting. We won’t win anything. Not unless we get better players. Even better than the ones we just got.

I’d love a chance for the Hogs at the football playoffs. But unless these boosters come up with a better plan, and better ways to get these elite players on our team, get used to seeing Nashville and Shreveport for your bowl game. That’s if we can make one.

You are such a nice person, you called it a business.

Because it is a business.

A topic for. the recruiting board IMO. There is a difference in organized cheating and boosters slipping benefits to players. Even in mid-majors it happens. A buddy of mine played basketball here at Tennessee Chattanooga years ago. He recieved free shoes regularly from a local sporting goods store and meals and such. It happens everywhere. There is no way to keep people from. helping kids in private.

But what the cheaters do is an organized effort to pay parents/players/street agents to commit to certain schools. From what I’ve heard the communication is done through second parties or assistant coaches. It gives the HC creditable deniability. Playing that game is what blew up this whole FBI investigation. I’m certain at some point the IRS will get involved on income not reported.

Integrity cannot be bought. It was posted on this board that Daniel turned down $$ from others to play for the Hogs. He has integrity as does Mike.

I can be labeled a guy who thinks Shreveport, Nashville bowls are just fine and I can be labeled a guy that thinks an occasional NCAA apperence is just fine. I don’t care what I’m labeled but I do care that the kids who come to the hill are taught integrity. That is a huge win for Arkansas and more importantly the kids.

Cheaters may win. But in the long run it usually catches up with them. Even if it does not it’s not worth the price you pay.

LD - They are doing all those things at UA. I am sure it’s not to the point of some of the other schools. Because if it was, we’d have a bunch more big time players! And winning more games.

And I hear you on the integrity part. I get that. But then what? “Yay! we went 4-8, but we have our integrity!” Come on.

Everyone has their opinion. But from folks that should know the organized $$ to recruits/players is not happening. Hundred $ handshakes and such happen everywhere. I get it. Win at any cost.

Not sure how to take your slant, because that is how I view what you say, since you infer a level of knowledge which may be more opinion than knowledge. Regardless, I am not sure that when Razorback fans take pride in a program that operates with integrity, many if not most don’t purport we are 100 per cent clean. I understand this can come off as rationalization, but I can differentiate the difference of limited perks given to athletes during the course of their membership on the local team and with the outright sale to the best bidder in the choice of schools. I know letter of the law either situation are violations, but I don’t think most view these two as similar.

Totally understand your point, Keith. But to pretend or believe that the UA or boosters of the UA do not have “bag men” or people performing that task, is just fantasy.

The reason of above that we all cheat is exactly why the hogs didn’t get Reggie Perry to campus! CMA didn’t play that game them nor will he. That’s the difference between your way of thinking and mine. You are entitled to your opinion as I am with mine. We all want to win but I would rather play the game with integrity and moral standards than be just another dirt bag!
The blue bloods can openly get caught paying players and get by with it. Kansas
Bill Self, Arizona Sean Miller. Kentucky John Calipari and numerous others. When they get caught there is a different standard for punishment than what standard is put on other schools.
Refs calling game are just as much a part of the the machine as well. It is all about money but for the blue bloods.
They may hammer LSU because they aren’t a blue blood. In the end I expect Auburn to get hammered as well and Bruce Pearl will get his rear end fired.

I don’t want to cheat.

And include that horrible bunch of BYU cheaters. The NCAA jumped all over them.

A joke…the NCAA…

The NCAA punishes the little schools and never a major cash cow.

C’mon! Everybody does it! The only reason we don’t win is because we don’t have a big enough bankroll. When I hear this justification for cheating, I can’t help thinking about China. China has cheated us in trade for decades. They actively try to drive American manufacturers out of business. They steal our intellectual property, counterfeit our goods, hack our military, industrial, and economic institutions. Using your logic, we should be applauding and giving the “Atta boy China!” to this global competitor. “If your not cheatin’,your not tryin’.” I hear this quite a bit. So everybody is for sale. Everybody has a price. I guess Coach Anderson should have paid Perry’s price. His mom’s price. And probably the entire starting line up for LSU’s price. Your right about the NCAA as well as the Power Five Conferences, if I may add. But this was an FBI investigation. I don’t think they will be impressed by the “Everybody does it.” excuse. Yes, you can cheat for a little while and get away with it. But you’ll eventually be discovered. And as ridiculous as this may sound to you, SOME people care more about thier good name than the amount of dollars in thier pocket.

That’s the difference between us. I don’t have a price. Money isn’t everything. You can sell you soul in not going too!