The Bottom 10 for this week

5. The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (3-7)

Have you seen this trend within collegiate athletics where big donors have coaching positions and even entire position groups named for them? For example, Stanford head coach David Shaw is the Bradford M. Freeman Director of Football and Notre Dame’s Tommy Rees is the John and Bobbie Arlotta Family Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach. Well, we’d like to extend an invitation to our friends in College Station to make this the John James “Jimbo” Fisher Jr. Coveted Fifth Spot. Perhaps we could make the announcement during halftime of this weekend’s Pillow Fight of the Week vs. UMass.


That picture from the stadium in Jonesboro, during the ASWOE-UMess game is stunning. I’ve seen more fans at a junior high game!


It’s not stunning because I happened to flip by the ASWho-South Alabama game a couple of weeks back. Attendance then was approximately the same. The attendance lie they told the NCAA was 11,000+.

Agree, my grandsons middle school team has many, many more fans than those guys.

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