The Bobby Bears

Certainly an impressive performance by the visitors from Springfield. Gotta think playing before a huge and hostile environment will help them in the playoffs. The crowd noise in Brookings or Bozeman or Missoula won’t seem quite as intimidating now. Could still be a problem in Fargo, under that noise trapping roof. I wish them well. Someone has to be FCS National champs. Might as well be them.


I bet they would welcome Saturday’s weather if they are sent to Brookings or Missoula in December, though.

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Who cares? They’re a decent regional school whose fans hold a grudge against us, jealousy of our success, and harbor an inferiority complex. I give them no quarter and no validation that they can use in recruiting.

The next few weeks should tell us some about how well Missouri State will compete nationally in the FCS. The Bears host No. 2 South Dakota State this weekend, then go to North Dakota, which is the team that eliminated them in the playoffs in the spring of 2021.

On Oct. 8, they host Southern Illinois, which just upset Northwestern in Evanston but has lost both FCS games it has played. Interesting side note: SIU’s defensive coordinator is Jason Petrino, Bobby’s cousin.

Jan and I prefer NDSU, please.

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Don’t be greedy. The By-zun already have about 99 Natties. Let the Springfield folks have one.

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No way! Jan went to NDSU.

I had a neighbor a few years ago, who’s son played for the school formerly known as the Fighting Sioux.

Arkansas played North Dakota in baseball the year there was no mascot. It was kind of a weird experience not to be able to write a mascot name.

Yep. I have to go with NDSU as well. If not them, then SDSU. Those are two really great schools with whom I do a lot of cooperation. Just great, great people. My last MS student got his undergrad at NDSU and I now have a young lady who worked for me as an undergrad now working for NDSU in their sunflower breeding program and working on her MS research project. I had 2 major herbicide volatility projects to be conducted by Universities this year. Guess I could have gone anywhere with them, but went to NDSU & SDSU.

Went to a NDSU/SDSU football game once. It was great fun to watch good football and the two fan basis. If I remember correctly, the Bison won by 1 or 2 pts on their final drive.

I would like to see Missouri State win it all. This weekend I’ll also root for Isaiah Davis a Joplin boy that I followed in high school. He was the Gatorade player of the year in Missouri a couple years back.

I love Montana and the Dakotas. Saw The Griz and Bobcats play in Missoula a few years ago. A lot of slobber knockin going on in that game.Have seen a Big Sky championship basketball game in Bozeman. Normally I’d be rooting for the Bobcats or Jackrabbits to win the FCS title. I’ll pull for the Bobby Bears this year. Just because it would give our win over them a little more heft.

The Montana-Montana State series has one of my favorite rivalry names — Brawl of the Wild.

I think North Dakota State-South Dakota State is a pretty fierce rivalry, too. Several years ago the sporting goods store Scheels, which is headquartered in Fargo, had a promotion for the North Dakota State FCS championship trophy to be on location at several of its stores. One of those stores was in South Dakota, but was canceled at that location due to the backlash.

You are correct Matt on NDSU/SDSU. It is a war and very real rivalry. You would think it would be NDSU/ND and it is somewhat, but not nearly to NDSU/SDSU. Same with SDSU/SD.

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When Stanley Umude transferred from South Dakota, I stumbled upon a story about an old South Dakota-South Dakota State basketball tradition where the other team’s mascot — a coyote or a jackrabbit — was thrown onto the floor.

The last line, about being happy they weren’t playing North Dakota State, reminded me of the Lou Holtz quip I read about oranges that were thrown onto the field when the Razorbacks clinched a trip to the Orange Bowl. “I’m glad we aren’t going to the Gator Bowl.”


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