The board loading problem is getting worse

I tried to post about the volleyball match for an hour last night (we lost to LSU in 5 sets) and couldn’t get the board to load on my laptop (Chrome). Not loading well with Edge either but better than Chrome. I’m posting this on my phone (also Chrome). Laptop isn’t loading at all this morning either.

I have had trouble lately and I do think it is Google. Edge works better but most yesterday were terribly slow and this morning, all is fine. I do think google was really having problems yesterday as I am using the same equipment and it is very fast today.

It is a real pain when things are really slow.

Mine is working fine of late. Even with my crappy internet

Mine is slow. And last night was really slow. Today not so bad. (Chrome)

Yes! I couldn’t get in using my “favorites link” directly to the forums on my desktop. I finally got in by going to the Whole Hog front page and entering through their link to the forums, after 3 tries. For the first time ever, I also had a few seconds delay on my phone, which has always been an immediate connection.

I’m just glad to know it’s not only me. I thought it was just my computer. There must be something that HI/whole hog can do.

I tried Edge, and did get in, but with about a 10 second delay and with those same colored blinking circles.

I have someone checking into this.

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I have had no issued on Chrome either at work or at home over the past week and everything is good today as well. Just posting as a data point.

This is what I’m still getting on Chrome this afternoon. It never goes beyond the blinking dots.


I have had that some lately, yesterday was the worst but today things are fine.
But for whatever reason most of the sites here were slow yesterday but good today.

I have wireless internet.

At the University I work at there was an issue with a malware protection service that affect all things Google yesterday. Check any malware protection software you have on your computer as it may be inhibiting Chrome. Try rebooting your computer if you have not already. This was a global issue not restricted to my place of employment.

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