The Blessing Golf Course

Legit or a Gruden at the Powerhouse kinda thing?

Yea, I’m hearing the same rumors that HY and CMA met here today. Some places are saying there was a lawyer president as well.

Some people are saying leaks came from the meeting and change is expected, but again just rumors, I haven’t heard anything from anyone credible.

Can’t take credit for this but got a laugh from another board. They were going to play 2 rounds of golf but Anderson canceled. He’s never made it past round 1 at Arkansas.

I made a post and deleted it for fear some on here would blast for asking about a rumor. Have read it 2 places

silly just silly

It seems to have legs. Well see.

What do you mean legs?

This could turn out to be a real cluster.

Just common sense would say that if they met this morning and a definitive call was made that Mike would not continue as our head coach…that info would either be released or leak fairly quickly. When a coach is fired, there’s very rarely a delayed announcement.

If coachA is fired it’s no point in looking forward to next season that would set us back another 5 years at least and possibly decade

Hunter Y would be premature to listen to a small sect of razorback fans who want coach A gone now

If Hunter pull that trigger he better not miss… he would have to sign a sure fire

Set back further than we currently are, what’s that, the CBI tournament?

The ole HI bubble…Majority of fans want Mike gone. As for setbacks for 5 years/decades, the same excuse used for status quo in pretty much all the football firings since D. Ford.

We’re one of the better programs in the country and definitely over the last 5 years one of the top three or four in our league… rebuilding with a no name mid major coach would be foolish and impulsive

The name of the game is recruiting and I have more faith in this staff putting together a good class in the late signing period than I do a coach with two weeks on the job who doesn’t even know the name of any other city in Arkansas besides Little Rock…

Coach A is a good coach he however I believe needs to recruit more McDonald’s All Americans and less Burger King All Americans but I don’t know if that can be done with integrity… Yet I rather have a good program that has integrity than a Blue Blood program who is grimy

It can get much worse than the CBI… See the Pelphrey years.

SMDH. We could be a LOT worse than we are. Look at, for instance, Vanderbilt. If you don’t recognize that our program is in much better shape than theirs, you are insane. If you don’t understand that we could be in the same boat Vandy is two years from now, you’re also insane. For all the complaining about our mediocrity, things could be much worse. Ask Bryce Drew. For all Mike’s faults, he has not let a program get to that level in an extended period of time. He’s had good teams and he’s had middling teams, but he’s never had bad teams. Bad teams at Arkansas are not out of the realm of possibility. John Pelphrey showed us that (2-14 in the SEC, remember?). So did Stan Heath (9-19 in his first season).

Majority of fans want Mike gone? Prove it. You can’t. Message boards do NOT reflect the majority of fans.

Not true your Circle isn’t the majority… Majority of fans want to win more indeed but that’s a given when you are a passionate fan base…however that in and of itself doesn’t translate to the majority wanting the coach fired… That’s your narrative and you aim to push it so much until even you believe it as factual

Nothing scientific…But I do not need a sample size to see you are still the same. You were wrong in the debates over the retention of HDN and CBB and eight years tells me ninth will not make a difference. You want “safe” keep preying on fears “it can get worse”. But remember, it can also get better. Enablers…This is why we cannot have nice things.

I suspect CMA will be retained and, after some whining, these folks will crawl back under their rock until football season starts. Then they will be back. It’s what they do and enjoy.

Who am I enabling? Hunter Yurachek does not care what I think, or what you think. If he makes a change, it won’t be because of you. If he keeps Mike, it won’t be because of me. Don’t overestimate your importance.

I have said, consistently, that there is reason for dissatisfaction with Mike and reason to replace him. But if you kick him out the door you’d better get the next hire right. Mediocrity might start looking pretty good if we don’t.

I do have sand, but alas, no rocks. May I borrow one, of what I am sure is many, you hide behind?