The Bitter 16

Gangs all here aren’t they? Bruce, Squid, LSU, Dana Altman, The Chosen Ones(UNC) Duke, Meechigan teams. Really the only favorite villain missing is Howlin Ben and Miss Steak. Hoping that Gonzaga can spare me the agony of watching one of these hated 8 dancing in confetti in a couple of weeks.

Half of the field of 16 are known charters and some cover up rape! I hope Tennessee wins it all.

Army, Tennessee has had its problem with rape coverup too. Granted it was in another sport, but what went on under Butch Davis was pretty shameful.

The rape allegations was under Butch Jones time at TN. Since then the AD, President and Coach Jones have been released. I’ve never been a Fulmer fan but I know folks that are close to him. He appears to be a good man. The 2 FB players charged were acquitted by a Knoxville jury. Imagine that. Living here in TN the details of the alleged rape were sickening.

From all indications Rick Barnes is a great man. His first priority is his relationship with God and he steps in with the young men on his team to help them become great men. And he is a fantastic coach. I’ll be rooting for the Vols. All the way.

My TN friends understand that me rooting for the Vols is temporary. Very temporary.

1st time EVER all the favorites won in round of 32 according to ESPN… … y-round-32

The key to having success with one’s bracket is picking the upsets. so, I picked two in the 2d round and of course ended up with a 14-2 record. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of SEC teams get upset in the next round.

You can rest assured Rick Barnes won’t allow any conduct that’s out of line and allow that player to remain on his team!

Butch Jones is just another blow hard dirt bag!