The biggest thing that bugs me about TV games

(and this may be only an NFL thing, not sure) is the time out after the kick off return. Team A scores a TD and extra point. Go to commercial. Come back, kick off. Go to commercial. I know it isn’t new.

Or the game the other day when a change of possession took place with 4 seconds left in the quarter. Commercial. One play. Commercial. Uggh! I know the network was probably owed a timeout because it was Army-Navy and there were longer possessions because of their propensity to run and chew clock. Still, it’s aggravating.

I don’t watch pro football anymore in large part for that very reason. The ads are out of control.

I’ve grumbled about that for years. That’s why I almost always let them “record” (I have 90 minutes of time on whatever channel I’m watching, without having to do anything) and get about an hour ahead before I start watching an NFL game; I’ll even sit in my TV chair and watch something I’ve recorded while it builds up! Then, I’ll start watching the NFL game and zip through the commercials. If I’m in a real hurry, depending on the team, I’ll use my 30 second skip button between plays. Won’t work for those teams that use a tempo offense, but for many NFL teams and some college teams (like us), it’s great. Doing that, I can watch every play of a game in about and hour and 15 minutes. If I just skip the commercials, but watch between plays, maybe 2 hours.

I’m with you Wiz. I never watch an NFL game live and very few college games. I did watch Army/Navy live, but that was different. Very, very different.

I’m with both of you. The GameTime is when I’m ready for the recliner. I’ll watch Redzone live, ha! This goes for anything I watch, EVERYTHING comes from the DVR! :sunglasses:

I no longer watch the NFL. Oh, I’ll have it on TV from time to time & watch “at it”, but my attention is elsewhere. TV ads just dominate sports. It drives me nuts on Razorback broadcasts, too, but I can’t make myself turn away from those.

That’s when I quit watching the NFL. I’ve always said I was going to sit down and watch a game and count the number of commercials vs. the number of plays, but haven’t gotten around to it. I am fairly confident there are more commercials than plays in an nfl game.