The biggest problem we have in hiring a coach is the SEC West

All of the names of the up-and-comers like norville and others have been successful in their conference! But if you put them in the SEC West with their current teams they would be getting beat against the top teams. I know Memphis beat Ole Miss but would have no chance against LSU Alabama or Auburn or probably Texas A&m.
This is our biggest problem if we hiring up-and-comer they are going to be overwhelmed but just how hard the SEC West is just like Morris was. We have our work cut out for us Because there are such high profile Coaches in the division who are always going to have top 10 recruits and somewhow someway we have to match that or outcoach them and that’s very hard for a newcomer to do…We have our work cut out for us.

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Arkansas won’t pay for high expectations and hopes for high expectations on the cheap.

Pay 9th in SEC and hope for top success and wonder why it doesn’t happen.

Will we pay a Rhule 5 or 6 or rather work with lower tier guy to “stay in budget.”

This is a wake up call for the program.

Do we want or do we hope.

You cannot keep firing coaches if you are not going to pay what it takes to compete in the league.

We don’t pay what it takes. We pay just enough for second tier hoping for miracles.

If we want introspection let’s start there.

Agreed and regardless of the choice we have to let them have 5-7 years go or bad.

Agree and that’s why in THIS situation you have to push the chips to the center of the table and go all in. This has to be a WALK OFF GRAND SLAM HIRE.

So, who would that person be? Money will be spend to keep them where they are now too. The reality is you have to fine someone who has talent and skill set to become a Saban , Debo, etc. The selling part is the challenge and opportunity the position the job offers. The Arkansas job is More attractive then our recent history suggests but constant turnover in any organization is usually a sign of deeper problems and also leads to decisions to avoid it getting worse rather than taken to a new high. What if Nolan Richardson was never our Basketball coach is an example

Expectations must be realistic. If the program is competetive, even without championships, the goal has to be considered met in this environment. Coaching churn will only keep setting the program back every 4 to 5 years, or two in this case. A case in point is Texas A&M. The expectation there apparently is for national championships, but they have a hard time moving past 2nd or 3rd in the SEC west. So every four years or so they have a new, expensive coach. But the teams they are competing against directly in the division are national champions. Tough neighborhood. If we can have a chance to win each game in the division, then things will fall into place now and then for a great season when consistency is achieved. That won’t happen in a system of constant coaching churn.

This is my issue on this. I’m not a Gus guy, but Gus’ name is back in the mix. Guy is getting offered (or at least he was two years ago) $7.5 million and another $7 million for a staff (and could go up), plus we would have to pay a $20 million+ contract buyout. Yet, if he says no, that number goes waaaaay down to the point we might not get any “name” out there. Even someone like Norvell getting $2.6 million and a $500,000 buyout getting offered less for himself and entire staff than Gus gets for himself might cause resentment and we have to settle for a Chad 2.0.

If our big money boosters really want the program fixed, why are they not willing to offer anyone that amount? Several guys I’ve seen mentioned that are (IMO) better than Gus. Make them say no

Bushhog…“Do we want or do we hope.”

Amen…this is what I think people behind the scenes are saying. I think there are very powerful people who love the hogs as much as we all do and they are as disgusted with the negative appearance of our team, school and home state right now. Powerful people don’t do a lot of “hoping”. They plan, act and attack with full force. We all know how important this hire is and I assure you the power behind the school does. I would expect this hire to have the least risk. Maybe not flashy, but it will have low risk and it will put butts in seats.