The biggest issue is defense - DD?

Until we talk about this defense we won’t see where we can improve the most.

Our defense is horrible. I think we need to play more zone.

What do you think Dudley?

This is just like last year, so I went back and found my post from this time last year. CMA is too stubborn like CBB. The post below is eerily similar to this year yet CMA didn’t adapt for this year.

"Vandy is a patient passing offense that likes to swing the ball around the perimeter until they find a good shot. They usually find someone open on the back side. Our trapping man and man were used in the first 2 games against Vandy. The game in BWA was painful to watch as our Man left us out of position with a wide open Vandy shooter. We got down 25-4 with our man and never could recover. We didn’t have Trey playing at this level then, we didn’t have the level of performance we have now back then either, and the match up zone we use is better than our Man. Man needs to be used to speed up the game to get into their legs in their 3rd game in 3 days…but sparingly used to change up rhythm. We can’t start in man and let them get a 25-4 lead in their home town.

Our trapping Man defense allows dribble penetration; especially when MK is covering a guard at the 3 pt line. Our trapping man and man are not good while also allowing easy outside shots like what you would normally expect from a zone. A team with multiple outside shooters will kill our man defense with “Man Busters” instead of Zone busters.

Trapping man or man has left us out of position or out manned in half court. Mike adjusted by using more a matchup zone that led to us winning 7 of the last 8 games. Kingsley and Thompson are good together in the zone which has led to our best offense and defense during this 8 game stretch. Moses Kingsley is better in the zone because he is close to the basket instead of covering a guard on perimeter. Moses will not try to switch back when he gets stuck on a guard. Odd. Our defensive rebounding is better when we are in Zone too because our bigs are under the basket. OM killed us last night by getting over 20 offensive rebounds.

The full court press is not as effective against a 3 point shooting team because if they break it they have someone camp out on 3 pt line instead of finishing at the rim. It is tough to see one of our guys under the basket while a shooter is all alone behind the 3 pt line with an un contested shot."