The biggest difference you see in an SEC vs MLB baseball game

It has to be the home plate umpire. It’s hard to believe how consistently good the MLB home plate umps are. If a pitch just touches the outline of the TV box or misses it by an inch, the umps seldom call it wrong.

What a contrast to the SEC home plate umps. They’re consistently inconsistent. In the SEC, it seems some umps change their strike zone inning to inning.

I’ve heard the same complaint about MLB umps more than once, Joe West and Angel Hernandez being particular targets.

I know there is the experiment with using the cameras and the strike box
to give the ump the info of Strike or Ball. I think they are calling it the
“Robot Ump” not sure though. Anyways… I was all for this as a way to
take some of the really crappy calls from the game. I thought it was an
excellent idea when you consider all the technology everyone has available.

Then after a long debate with a buddy of mine that is totally against it, he
brought me around to his side of the fence. He had many arguments, but
only one really made me think long and hard about it. I would cause a
definite loss of a valuable skill to the game. What is that skill? That is a
skill that can net a catcher a lot of good money even if he is poor in other
areas of his game. The Art of Framing the Pitch! Yes that is an art and
it would become obsolete.

I am all for advances in the game to make it better, but never at the cost
of losing part of the game as well. Framing a pitch is a huge part of the
pitcher/catch/hitter dynamic. While I’d like to see some of the atrocious
calls removed from the game, I cannot think it would be worth losing the
art of framing. Perhaps they need to make the refs a bit more accountable
on a game to game basis instead of making them basically untouchable.
Perhaps grade them each game and with so many games of poor play bump
them down to the minors or fine them or something. Making the refs more
accountable for good calls fixes the issue without taking away anything
from the game.