The Big Six Stranglehold

Every SEC football championship since 1976 has been won by one of the “Big Six” of Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia. Each of these programs have had their ups and downs, but the one constant has been their occupancy of the throne room.

I’m curious to see who folks think is best positioned to possibly break through to the big boy club? I like A&M’s commitment - they certainly spend the money on facilities and coaches in hopes of doing so. They have the right mentality about what it takes to win big in CFB, but I think Jimbo is overrated. Of the others I would say if we could ever find the right coach and get a little luck we have a chance, but from a resource standpoint are behind A&M and about on par with Carolina, and Ole Miss. MSU and Mizzou slightly behind with the others having no chance.

Interestingly Arkansas has been to three SEC title games - more than any other non big six team.

Good point. That should be in our first level of goals to get
to that tier knocking on that door regularly. I think A&M
is in a better position than TN to be a constant factor in
that top six. Unfortunately, the Aggies are on our side of
the conference. That means we have four of that top six
as yearly opponents. A tall hill to climb.

Good post, Jackson. You’re right that those six teams have had their ups-and-downs, but the problem is not all six are down at the same time. It’s going to take a strong commitment by the other eight to break through. I’m afraid A&M has made that commitment, maybe even more so than Arkansas. We know the way the Mississippi schools have thrown money recently (or at least one of them). The Gamecocks are a lot like Arkansas and so is Missouri. I don’t ever see Kentucky or Vandy getting there anytime soon. If I were betting, I’d put the odds at A&M at 4-1, Arkansas 6-1, South Caorlina 8-1, Missouri 9-1, Mississippi State 12-1, Ole Miss 14-1, Kentucky 50-1, Vandy 50-1. Just for fun.

Right now I would say a team from the eastern division has a better chance than a team from the western division. South Carolina comes to mind.

In the East, an upset of Georgia and a good draw from the West might be good enough to get you to Atlanta, and then anything can happen in a one-game championship setting. The West season is a lot harder to navigate. Texas A&M or Arkansas or Ole Miss might upset Alabama, but are they going to be able to beat Auburn and LSU in the same season, too?

Yep, South Carolina has a better shot at a higher yearly
number of wins. They will push TN for that number three
spot in the East. I figure if we can get to the stage that
we are better than the bottom five in the East, we have
a shot at getting in the top tier(top six). If we don’t get
to that place, we will be stuck in a never-ending state
of mass disappointment in Razorback land.
Carolina, Tennessee, and A&M must be the group
that we pass. If any of the others are in play on a regular
basis, we are in a world of hurt. I hope eight wins does not turn out to be our ceiling in the regular season.

I’m not convinced Jimbo can get it done at Texas A&M. I agree that the Aggies are committed with what they have spent on football. But it’s always been my belief that they will screw it up. It’s just a different sort of place. They may be more concerned with what is happening at Texas than with what is going on with Arkansas or anyone else in t he SEC West.

I’m with Clay on Jimbo. I hope we are right. Aggies will be Aggies.