The big kid from Indiana thinks he's something

The kid has nice touch with the left hand. He is just what we need. He is not real athletic or strong, but he would fit our offense like a glove. We shut him down that 2nd half. He only got 4 points.

I think Jaylin Williams is similar, but, yes, I know he would love to land a guy who could be an athletic center to play along what I think is prototypical stretch 4 in Williams.

You know how kids are these days.

Arkansas has a few guys that talk trash and are very expressive as well

Thats true, guess him getting all hyped up scoring against much smaller guys kind of rubbed me the wrong way,i would think he would expect to do that and not make a big deal of it but guess not,glad we shut him down and won the game.

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that’s what our crowd was saying. 4 is a STUD! I did not like him showboating after scoring on guys 5 inches shorter than he, kinda like the giant 8th grader who scores on normal size kids and gets all fired up.

But, that guy is tall and long, plays with composure, runs well, soft hands and shoots R and L, and is mobile enough to guard Mason VERY WELL on the perimeter. Very impressive player.

How on earth we won that game is amazing to me. I’ve gotta watch it again. Muss may have some of that Izzo/Chris Beard magic, where he can beat teams that he has no business beating.

What a game! What a win!


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What I’ve been noticed is how bad CEM wants to win the games. I mean he really doesn’t want to lose at all, ever and you can tell by watching him. That rubs off on the players.

Nolan had more than a few in his day. I imagine other team’s fans got irritated a lot at Corlis doing the bull sign after a dunk or block.

I think Bailey might have been talking a bit early and got a response from Al Durham. :sunglasses:

Just saw that the Jackson-Davis kid is the son of one of my favorite Pacer players back in the day, Dale Davis. He and Antonio made a tough frontline back then.

Bailey gave him a subtle forearm shivver in the lower back and that generated the over response.

The freshman is very good but said far more than trash talk in the first half after a made bucket… If any ref heard it, he should have been tossed immediately.

After a game of Mason Jones chirping non-stop (an overstatement) I’m not surprised that an IU player did something. Their crowd seemed blah so maybe he was trying to pep up the crowd.

I am not a big fan of all the chirping and posturing and “what time is it?” gesticulations…but then again, I like the confidence and I like that a player believes in himself and his team. And, I noticed the coaches working Jones at TOs to focus him back in. Good coaching, and they let Jones have his say.

I will enjoy watching this bunch - if they can neutralize inside play during conference games then they’ll be winning a lot of games and chirping about it a lot. As a fan (especially one who really catches heck from OU fans in NEOK) I will chirp a bit as well.