The big kid from Indiana thinks he's something

Flexing after scoring on our 6’5 guys yeah you bad boy!!!meawhile throwing up scud missiles from the free throw line SMH. Reggie Chaney should be able to guard him.

You know what?

Indiana should probably be up by 10 or more.

But, we’re really making them work and sweat. I love it. If they let us stay around within 5 points with 5 minutes left in the game, I think they are going to regret it.


Exactly! We try so hard! I love our attitude we are just so limited offensively.we have to hit our 3’s or we really don’t have much chance.

Why can’t Ethan get some run? Just to slow down the big kid some. Frustrating!

The hogs are playing hard and if the shots start falling in the second half the hogs may pull it out!

Love the fight in Desi and Adrio! C’mon Hogs! Let’s get it!

Jones is so quick into the lane, he needs to learn to stop and pop from about 8 or 10 feet and he would be deadly. He can get by them sometimes but that shot would be almost unstoppable

Mason Jones needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and play ball! That’s just stupid to get that T!

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Yes he’s just out of control at times, love his passion but he’s much more emotional this year than he was last year, trying to be a leader so I get it, but he is like a bull in a china shop sometimes. Got to be smarter than that.

I want a rematch next year back in Bud Walton when we have the size and athleticism to kick these guys tails by about 20 points

5 minutes left and tied.

Here we go, Razorbacks!

Horrible call ! Sills got all ball…

Indiana is a good team. I could see them upsetting someone in the tournament.

If we actually win this, that’s a heck of a win.

I agree.

Huge win!! Love these guys!!!totally shut the big boy down the second half and they had no clue how to score against our pressure!!!

Huge win over a tall team in a hostile environment. I don’t often quote Joe Biden, bit I think y’all know which one I mean


I guess the T fired the hogs up!
One thing for sure they will fight and scrap until the horn sounds. The refs being blind and not calling fouls on the Hoosiers cost them time!
There were several bad calls in the first and second half. The strip and 5 th fouls on Desi was real bad I also don’t agree with the charge on Adrio and that cost the hogs a basket. Indiana got by with carrying the ball all night except once!
The shots went through for the hogs late and they pulled it out. Good win.

He is pretty good.

Imagine if he was in the middle for Arkansas.

I was imagining. Do you think CEM will recruit and sign a player like that?

He’s good! But to act like he had done something by scoring over guy nowhere near his size was a little bit over the top to me. We totally shut him down the second half that allowed us to win the game.