The big inning

Arkansas outscored South Carolina in one inning tonight. It was the 20th time that has happened this season: … en-enough/

This happened again last night - twice, actually - where Arkansas scored more runs in an inning than its opponent did in the game. The Razorbacks have done that 21 times this year and on five other occasions have scored as many runs in one inning as the opponent did in the game.

Last night’s first inning reminded me a little of the Kentucky doubleheader. Arkansas scored seven runs in the first inning of one of those games and just beat the will out of the other team.

I know you always want to be the home team, but I thought it was so important to get off to the kind of start the Hogs did that it almost would have been better to be the visiting team. That and concern about which Campbell we would see. Certainly, did not want to see South Carolina jump into the lead. But Campbell pitched well and Arkansas did want it needed to do to put Carolina in a deep hole after the first two innings.

Interesting thought. I know I was worried that IC would allow a couple of walks & suddenly be out of the game mentally if not off the mound physically. That seems to have happened to him a couple of times. However, he got out of that first inning well. Once we posted the big lead I felt he’d probably pitch more confidently with it. I have no idea if that was the reason, but he continued to pitch well. He allowed those two baserunners that eventually scored, but it’s hard to blame him for those runs. Glad we got out of that with only 2 runs against us.

One thing for sure, it’s a lot of fun leading big from the 1st inning. And then I was really glad to be the home team. There’s something about the other team having the final at bat that makes me nervous. Even with a big lead you know some strange quirk & they can walk you off with no way to get the runs back.

Eric Cole outscored the Chickens last night.

Not only did Eric Cole out score the Poultry he outscore Florida and Auburn combined!
The mind set to keep pouring it on will greatly help if the hogs can jump out on Texas in Omaha.
I do like being the home team but if you can explode early in a game and keep adding to to your lead being the visiting team isn’t that bad!
Keep scoring runs.