The Best Thing Our Razorbacks and Coach Sam and Staff can do after the SEC Screw Job at Auburn is

Just beat Ole Miss

If you lose it gets the SEC off the Hook

Arkansas finds a way to get peopel well and couple together a team to paly and beat Ole Miss

It will keep pressure on the SEc to have better officals

Per Marty we now know thiat this fellow as a Offcal wasnt ready for prime time

Arkansas has an opportunity to build great crediability - They got to beat Ole Miss

Go Hogs and beat Ole Miss

Gosh I hurt ofr the players and I am so proud of them - they fought thier hearts out as they say in the Indenpendent State of Yell County - “They got Grit”

TYSM Coach Sam - with your leadership and your staff I’m seeing Fighting Razorbacks again - not snow flakes worries about the uniform combo they are wearing thsi weak or how they “Are just student athelets” - they are not “Jsut Student Athelets” Tye are Razorbacks and they represent Arkansas

Keep grinding Coach and beat Ole Miss - Hit them until they give you the game ball because they are afraid of your hitting them

The injured list is costly.

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True - Hoping they can win and than have confidence and time to rest recoiver before they play Tex A&M

My fear is a loss will only make them go off the cliff and Coach Sam will have a recovery jpb to do before the A&M game

Theyu beat Ole Miss and I see a team taking off with confidence because they knwo they stood toe to toe with UGA, Beat MSt on the road and actually Beat Auburn

Now a win vs Ole Miss and a week to rest and I think they ebat Tex A&M and life peace and order is established in the Universe again

Losing to Tex A&M upsets the natual order of things - Arkansas should defeat Tex A&M 3 out of 4 times palyed like in the SWC days

Its the way things are ment to be

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