The Best Player in the NBA Draft that NO ONE is Talking About

…Mason Jones…

There’s no doubt about it!!!

Awesome take.

We will find out next year how Mason kept us in every game. Who is going to be that scorer next year when you need to break down the defense and score? I don’t see one on the roster right now, especially since Whitt is gone too. Maybe a player to be recruited later.

No one thought Mason Jones could be that this year. No one.

Right. Maybe someone will emerge.

We won’t have to have one person taking over like that we will have more offensive threats next year.

The system keeps you in the game with defense. Sometimes we forget that it’s defense that makes you capable of beating anyone and staying with all. Yes, you need points. It seems like this coach figures out what he has and then adjusts. That’s how you coach, in my opinion.

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Yes and we have a chance to be really really good on defense with the quickness and length we’re adding, you can get a lot of offense off a great defense,we did a good job of that this year, I think we can do better next year.

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