The best kept secret in years

aTm entering the league was a terrible idea, which I advocated against when it happened.

Texas has the sixth best winning % in Big 12 games the past ten years.

They. Ain’t. Running. Anything.

The brass in Birmingham ain’t gonna let it happen.

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It’s very hard being a head coach but Sark is an incredible play caller. He had unbelievable talent last year to work with and he called as good a game as I can ever remember being called all year long.I’m not sure he has the talent at Texas now as far as quarterback to be able to do the things he did with Alabama last year. We will find out on September 11th just how far along they are and us too.

I hate to dignify Texas with the UT moniker, reserve that for Tennessee as a true SEC man.

Here’s how it goes down – Texas is going to team up with Bama, Georgia and Florida – and their new lil bro OU – they will all be running the league and running roughshod over the rest of us. LSU will probably be one of those big bullies – A&M too if they stay.

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