The best Arkansas that plays on a diamond, plays at Bogle field

The best Arkansas that plays on a diamond, plays at Bogle field.

This team is very impressive, they have hit 101 home runs, have excellent pitching, and beat Florida for the 4th time last night. They had lost 30 games in a row to Florida before this year. Last night they took advantage of multiple mistakes by a Florida reliever who let the game play her. The Hogs took advantage.

The Razorback softball team has the pitcher of the year, player of the year, and coach of the year.

This team has been fun to watch from distance, but I just wish they got more love from the Hogs fans. I understand it is a
woman’s sport.

They will get to host a regional, hopefully, move on to host a super-regional and a trip to OKC. Too bad the '26 Yankees from Norman will be playing at home practically every game in the tournament.

Now can they score against Missouri, who has pitched 3 shutouts in the tournament and are on fire?

Will have their hands full with Missouri because I assume Haff will pitch and she normally runs into trouble pretty much every game at some point and Missouri can hit the ball a whole lot better than Ole Miss can and they are pitching at it a very high level and we have not hit the ball at all basically this whole tournament… we will see how we do :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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I hope the ladies are focused for this game, cause this MO team has been surging lately.
The Razorback are the better team but we all know that the better team doesn’t always win. The team playing the best usually wins.
The girls will need to be on top of their game today. They have been impressive this year and they should win the tournament. I hope so, cause I can’t stand anything MO!


102 homers. They hit two against Ole Miss to get there.

And they were EXTREMELY focused against Misery.

I will be very interested to see the NCAA draw this afternoon. Not only who gets sent to the Fayetteville regional, but who we’ll draw in the super (which should also be at Bogle). Getting drawn with Arizona last year was not a good break.

And I agree with your premise. The best diamond sport team on campus (and probably in the entire SEC) plays at Bogle. Fun fact: After the tournament, Arkansas softball and Tennessee baseball have exactly the same league record, 22-5. But Tennessee has lost an SEC series. Arkansas hasn’t.

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